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Monday, May 27, 2013

Some times you gotta game, man! Plus: Hot latex cat women inside.

Hey guys and gals!

We can see the finishing line of our DVD Set ahead of us, so close and yet still a little ways to go. But I can't help but start of thinking what I will do the moment we have sent the DVDs to the manufacturer and then we got a few weeks to wait for the delivery...

Man, I'm gonna paint. Since November I have been watching, filming, editing and cutting material of people having fun while painting miniatures. But I never had time to do it myself! Since I have watched footage of Ben (twice), Stephan Rath and Volomir countless times now,
I know that IN THEORY, I am a professional painter. 

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
- In practice, there is. 

But what I will also do is play boardgames. I got the Horus Heresy Game laughing at me every morning and I will rip it open and play that poor sucker like a boss. 

Which brings me to an event that my buddy Chris from the UK pointed out to me. You know, UK? Homeland of the whitemetal weekend warriors? That's right. 

UK Games Expo 2013

While I tried to surgically remove tweeting birds from our video footage, Chris went to one of the hottest and geekiest gaming events the UK has to offer, the UK Games Expo 2013 - which was held this last weekend in Birmingham. 

Imagine a place where everyone is a geek. People wear Munchkin hats, pray to the dice gods and turn over colorful leaves of paper in exchange for priceless treasures. Like for example a Giant D20.

A place where Daleks meet hot Cat Women in Latex suits... That's right, it wasn't a dream.

So if that kind of place is your cup of tea, I strongly encourage you to read the very splendid and worthwhile writeup dfb has written on this event. There are tons of fun pictures, there too - and yes, one of them has a hot femal, bi-pedal, carbon-based life form, descendant from an ape in a latex cat suit on them. I know, I know. you want to see more of the Daleks... 

(OMG I almost forgot you can win by sharing this on Facebook!)

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