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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More GW business decisions - Nightcap Edition

Nightcap Edition

And just when you thought it could not get any worse.... GW never fails to deliver!

After the excitement of today over our beloved Legal Department of Games Workshops and their nerdtracking lazor-bombs, we finally know why GW took down Faeit 212.

It was all a scheme, an elaborately cunning plan to cover up the fact that GW is removing 'items from their Specialist Range'. That is Necromunda, Battle Fleet Gothic and so on. 

"It's not like anyone plays games like Battle Fleet Gothic and Necromunda anyway." the GW UK Fulchester "store" wrote on their FB page.* 

Items from the affected ranges have begun to be removed and will not replaced. Reason for this decision by Headquarters is that GW's range of products are too complex and difficult to manage. 

Guys, GRAB THOSE RULEBOOKS and put them in a box labled: Retiremend Fund. 

I will now quote the FB user Col Foot to summarize my opinion: 
"Because SG's didn't contain enough space marines, GW will replace the whole range, including all the WFB range with more space marines. And the paints. They need to be space marines too. And all the staff. Space marines.

In other GW news, advance orders of the new space marines start on Saturday. Be ready to order you new space marines and get your first look in the new look magazine: WHITE SPACE MARINE.

And dont forget that tickets to the Space marine day in the NEC go on sale, got to have your space marine painted and ready to enter in SPACE MARINE ON PARADE for your chance to win a golden space marine.

Spehss Mehreens!!!!"
I like Space Marines, so I am all for it, Col. Foot! Ultramarines of course. No others... ^^

Seriously - the items in question are probably not the biggest seller in the store. Here in Germany they have been gone from the stores for years now. Thats part of the reason why there is no demand. They are not being sold. :D

I will now chuckle myself to bed. 

GW.... heheheh.... funny guys.

Signing out for today, 

Last post I had a post for GW's legal department. Here a song for the marketing guys!

Need a map? 

*The GW: Fulchester is a ficticious store - I urge you to join them if you like black humor ^^. The news are real though, Specialist Games are dead.


  1. Oh my it must be complex to have a vast range of games like WH WH40K, Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic, Necromunda, Mordheim, blah, blah....certainly an amazingly diverse and complex range to manage!!!

    1. Hey, its more than 3. Thats hard, you know! I mean today with PCs and shit. Have you seen those things? They have like tons of buttons with all kinds of funny stuff written on them :D

      I hope my mixture of laughter and sobbing will not keep me awake all night ^^

  2. Don't forget Dreadfleet. That was so difficult to manage they pulled it after 6 months.

    1. I am still waiting to get it at half price somewhere :D

    2. You can get up to 6 for half price from me.

  3. The irony here is that if GW re-released Epic Space Marine with a more simplified rules set, something closer to Space Marine 2nd ed, which was a great game, and did it as $50 battle boxes with largish 6mm armies similar to what Privateer Press does with their starters, they'd clean up.

    Not only that, but they'd clean up in that teen demographic that they so obviously lust after. If the game had a solid and simple rules set with a lot of minis (a dozen or so small tanks, a few superheavies, and a pile of infantry and bikes) older gamers and kids would be all over it.

    Yet I doubt it would cut into their 40K or WFB business.

    Hell, I'd go back to GW for more than the occasional "That's too pretty so I can't resist it" piece.

  4. dude, fulchester is not an actual gw store it's a fake page set up by gw haters and pressgangers.


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