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Friday, April 26, 2013

Games Day UK Rumors - NEC M.I.A. - NIA!

Happy Friday Morning! 

Just a few more hours and it is 'the weekend' - and with spring in the air and the sun shining for all of us, I am sure we are looking forward to it. 

As you have seen yesterday, the dates for GD Italy and UK have finally been confirmed. 

New Rumors

Since GW has released its globally binding "Games Day Codex" and all of the other countries have limited (or rather cut down) ticket availability for 'better planning', the question is: Will this also apply to the UK?


Less convenient for travellers, but great for exploring Birmingham.
As you can read in this Month's White Dwarf, the UK Games Day will not be at the NEC (conveniently located right next to the Airport with tons of hotels on the grounds) but at the NIA (national Indoor Arena; 14 miles from the Airport, close to Birmingham City). 

For those of us that come from abroad that probably means getting a hotel closer to the NIA - which I am looking forward to as we can hit the Birmingham City the night before the event. I am sure they have a pint or two for us :D

Limited Tickets?

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the NIA and Games Days: 
"The British games company Games Workshop used the arena to stage their Games Day and Golden Demon events until 2003, when they moved to the larger National Exhibition Centre."
Which means that now, they move to the smaller National Indoor Arena.  

Wait... SMALLER? Last year the NEC halls - including the soccer-field large Forgeworld Sales Extravaganza were crammed with people. 

Does this mean that tickets for the UK GD will also be limited? 

Maybe some of you that went to the NIA in the Golden Days of Golden Demons and could leave a comment below :) 

Where is Japan!?

And of course, we heard nothing about the Games Day Japan. Whether this now means that it has also fallen victim to the GD cuts or wheter it merely means it will be announced at a later date, remains to be seen. 

You probably already know (as we repeat it often), but if you don't feel ready to win a Golden Demon event, you might want a FREE 3-DAY-WORKSHOP with Karol Rudyk, the UK GD 2012 winner ;) 

Good Luck!

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  1. Hi Zaph

    I loved GDUK at the NIA - it might be smaller, but I found the different (and smaller) rooms much easier to navigate. There are also some nice places to eat and drink along the canal nearby. This is especially nice for us painters as we have somethign to do between handing in our models and the results ;)

    The last GDUK at NIA there was a large CoolMiniOrNot meet up at a local pub - there must have been 20+ people - very social and a lot of fun.

    I am looking forward to it and will hopefully buy my tickets as soon as they are available

  2. Dear Mister President,

    I must say that I enjoyed the games days in the NIA very much. Crowded yes, but fun atmosphere. The arena feel is something that I honestly missed the first time I attended the NEC. Of course, back in the days FW & BL were tiny versions with limited attention...So I hope their Games Day codex includes some topics concerning crowd flow,traffic control, some smart estimates on number of counters/to be expected customer and all that...However that will probably be a vain hope.

    Anyway....I'd love to enjoy the Karol Rudyk workshop, but I'll let this giveaway pass. My pregnant wife won't appreciate me vanishing off to Berlin for a while, it's gonna be a hobby filled year as it is....


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