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Monday, April 29, 2013

GW News: Radagast on Sleigh

And hello again!

This just in: Radagast the Brown is now available for pre-order. Is it Christmas yet? No, but regardless of that, Radagast is comming with his Rabbit Sleigh!

The glorious marketing experts at GW of course disallow the embedding of their video (such a clever move, have a pint on me, guys!), so all you see is this puny little link.

Radagast and the sleigh actually look really good, we think. 

The rabbits.... Well... The rabbits... OK, you can tell that they are rabbits. Maybe spacing them a little would have been nice - they look very unhappy the way they are positioned... 

So you like it? 

Well, do you still like it after I tell you it will be a fine Finecast cast? Or when I tell you that this model will cost you 'only' 50$/40€? 

Personally, I find this a little too steep for a tiny miniature.

Anywho, you can buy it here...

With all the High Elf pics on the Games Workshop site you might actually miss this release completely as it is only a post in the White Dwarf Daily - which will be gone by tomorrow. 

Jingle rabbits, jingle rabbits, jingle all the waaaaay!

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