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Thursday, May 16, 2013

GW Legal Department defeated by Slash, the 20" tall Savior of the Universe

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OK Guys. You can blog safely now. 

Should we help the GW Legal Department? No. So: Legal Department. This article is mine, go away. I don't want you to read it. Bye, now. 
Biggest Threat to GW EVAR!

One of the Internet's most trustworthy sources, Bloodofkittens (not affiliated with FOX News) reported this well researched piece of soon-to-be-Pulitzer prize. 

GW feels they need to protect their miniature business. But who protects us from their Legal department? Slash to the rescue!

Now, this time, our subject does not really fall into the 'miniature' business as such... Actually quite the opposite. How about a 20 FOOT TALL "Space marine"? Oh, sorry, I mislabled him. It's SLASH GORDON! He be slashing prices for you! DAUN!

That's right. The company Landmark creations has created this landmark in inflatable sex-toy. A 20 foot tall Gordons. I just wanted to order a unit of 12 for my squad, but they did not fit on legal gaming bases.

Well, I can understand that GW's Legal Department HAS TO react now. Their good reputation is at stake... I mean, what's next? A 70 storey sky-scraper in the shape of a Drop Pod? No, it has to stop and it has to stop now. So we all can be safe again.

Now, Landmark Creations of course cannot be held liable for nothing. Because they clearly know this to be an "electric blue Transformer-type action figure” as stated in their own press release.

What's really happening

Now the news behind the news. All of these giant action figures are being put up by bloggers all over the world. Personally, I think this is actually an ingenious tactic by the blogger community. In putting up these giant "Slash Gordons" all over the world, GW's Legal Departmant is bound to be confused and will focus on "shooting the big ones" and subsequently leaves us alone...

Well, one can dream... :D

I only hope that GW's Legal Department does not invoke the Emperor's Order of the Pointy Sticks to poke and slash at Gordon. 


  1. Could it be possible to put an "Emperor's Slash Gordon Children" in front of the sex-shops ? MOUAHAHAHAHAHA !!! ^^

  2. I shared it on my Temple :

    It's too funny !! Thanks a lot my Dear Président Zaphod ^^

  3. Shared again, at!

    I WANT BEN KOMETS AND HIGH ELVES FOR CHRISTMAS! (or maybe before the summer) XD

  4. I love the smile. It's so goofy and innocent, and says, "You want me to cease and what? I don't understand. I'm just a simple electric blue Transformer-type action figure."

    Unfortunately, I am now madly designing a bolter in which I can live!


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