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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Forge World - 'Full' Fulgrim pictures 'leaked'

Just a quick one for you

Full Fulgrim

So far, Forgeworld only released pictures of the face of Mr. Fulgrim, which brought with it a lot of discussion. As you can see in many forums and on Forge World's FB site, not every one was happy with the - again - screaming face and wanted a more smirky, over-confident Fulgrim. Well, learn sculpting, damnit! :D  Then you can even sculpt him Goldielocks' locks! 

Now the first customers from Open Day shared their packaging material with us. And for the first time we can see the full Fulgrim grimly raging across a - what I can only describe - very well done battlefield. 

I think, he even trumps Angron, which I already liked very much. Why, oh why, did I have to give my two Angrons away to you guys? Now I need to buy a new one :D

So, what do you think? Like it? I surely do. 

It will be available on the Forge World site within the next few days I would think. 

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  1. looks bloody awesome, I wants one precious lol :)

  2. Well the figure looks... not to good in my opinion ;)
    I don't like it at all. But the base is quite interesting.
    I would like to have one - meaning the base, not the figure itself.

    Why ? Maybe it is well sculpted and very detailed. But I hate the pose and the head, the face. It's not my style. That all.

  3. Wow. I'll get him, chicken out like with angron and abbadon & loken and then put him away until my skills are where i will be able to do them justice ~sigh~

  4. OMG !! Oo

    Except the fact that the face is too "ugly" for "Fulgrim the beautiful Phenican" (it would be better for a Angron's Lieutenant don't you think ?), the position and the base are really awesome Oo

    I WANT to win one (or two ? ^^) !!!!! And I don't mind if I don't win Angron, Loken and Abaddon and... and... (but if you give it to me I will not refuse ^^')...

    Can I have more chance to win it if I invite you, my Dear Président Zaphod, and your team in my town of Bordeaux ? "A little Bottle for a little mini ??"...

    Shared on my Temple :

    Welcome and feel free to visit ^^

  5. Not really impressed to be honest.Hardly handsome enough to be the Beautiful Phoenician.
    The pose is horrible, I can't stand dancing figures. This is hardly a battle stance.
    And what is up with his left hand, is he pregnant and collecting fluids in his extremities as a result?
    Sorry, I've seen the alternate sculpt (the Fabio) and prefer that one a hunderd times more.

    I'm rather disappointed with this model, I love Fulgrim, to me the coolest of the primarchs, but he just isn't anywhere near the figure described in the novels....


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