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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stack'O'Swag Sweepstakes: WINNERS

21 Days of Celebration over?

Greetings from a very tired and exhausted Galactic President :D

The Stack'O'Swag Sweepstakes commemorate
the launch of our Season 1 DVD Set!
The last couple of days - releasing & shipping our first ever miniature painting DVD set with Ben "White Rabbit" Komets and Rafael "Volomir" Garcia Marin, packing parcels until 2, 3am every night, flying to and reporting from Games Day US in Memphis and now the Games Day Germany weekend was a little too much, I guess... 

BUT - the good news was that we were able to extend our Stack'O'Swag Sweepstakes by one week, turning the "14 Days of Celebration", commemorating our Season 1.1: Target Identified DVD launch into "21 Days of Celebration". And 21 is half of 42, so I guess everything happened for a reason. 

Stack'O'Swag Sweepstakes

The rules were simple. "SHARE & ENJOY"! This has, next to "Where we learn to be a better painter", slowly turned into our company slogan. 

Every time you shared one of our posts with your friends on Facebook and/or Google+, you received a 'virtual ticket'. (Actually, I have to figure that out manually, but 'virtual ticket' sounds cooler) I then proceed to draw a random number, randomly using the randomizer. 

Over the last 21 days, you SHARED & ENJOYED 491 times, the record holder was the first GD Germany post with 44 shares. There were 113 posts in total (with the many GD US/Germany live action posts) Many of you shared almost every post, getting you many, MANY chances to win! 

We have got 13 lucky prizes for you: 
Our Painting Buddha Community Supporter Shirt
was just one (well, three) out of 13 prizes!

A rare limited DA Codex, we got three paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirts, the 2013 Games Day Limited MiniatureHappy Monkthree MYSTERIOUS Swag Bags from Games Day US, a Limited Games Day 2013 Mini (Marco Colombo), a Limited Edition Dark Vengeance 40k starter box (whaaaat?), a Limited Edition XXX Dwarf and the Hobbit Rulebook.

Chances of winning are 13:491 (or 2.7%). If you shared every post we did in this time (of which there were 113) this could have been almost 25% chance (at same total shares). That's pretty good chances, if I say so myself! 

Many of your friends and their friends found our blog and our FB page through your shares - so I would like to thank ALL of you for SHARING & ENJOYING! 

Without further ado, here are the winners: 

1x Limited Dark Angel Codex
Hobbybunker Schriesheim - Studio 69

Tartan Paint Studios, PinsofWar and Ekatarina Garina
(please tell me your size and style! (girly/normal)

1x Limited Games Day 2013 Miniature: 
Joel Ravensnight

Tomasz Stanislawski 

3x Mysterious Swag Bag GD US
Bruce Cualquiera, Dragones y Castillos and Hugo Matte 

1x Limited Edt. Dark Vengeance box!: 
Markus Würdinger
(If I see this correctly, he SHARED the most. Now he gets to ENJOY :D)

1x Limited Edition XXX Dwarf: 
Sebastian Pietsch

1x Hobbit Rulebook (english): 
Bruno Santos

Congratulations to all participants, 
especially the winners!

Please contact me, if you have won - and if you have not won - the next giveaway is right around the corner! Hint: Want to go visit Games Day UK? We got TICKETS! :D

And now back to the GD US/Germany entry videoszzzzzzzzz!

Please let us know if you like this format for giveaways or prefer a different one in the comments below! You may also cheer with joy if you have won or congratulate those that got luckier than you this time!



  1. congrats to the winners...sadly I did not..but there is always next, isn't it?

  2. Wow brilliant thanks :) I will pm my details on facebook?

  3. Congrats to all winners. I'm really lucky and happy at the same time. I have won one more Happy Monk :D
    What would you say for a diorama of Buddha Twnis ? ;)

    1. You must have a lot of karma. Two Happy Monks! Three more giveaways and you can make a Games Day Unit :D

    2. Good idea ! But... it is hard to imagine a Happy Monk converted into a Happy Monk i Heavy Terminato armoru or sth like that ;P

  4. Wow! Awesome!

    So is normal buddha-sized and girly normal? Or is normal normal, girly girly and buddha-sized not available?


    1. WUTT? :D

      Sizes are European sizes. Normal goes from S to 3XL, Girlie is available in S, M, L. :)

  5. hey hey :)

    Have they been posted yet as not received mine :(


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