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Saturday, August 24, 2013

GW & FW: Ton's of news & Rumors!

Good morning and happy weekend to all of you!

GW 40k mini-rules released

The weekend starts with a blast from the future: Games Workshop just released their new 40k mini-rulebook. Priced at 39€/49.50$/30£ compared to the 'big brother' at 60€/74.25$/45£ it comes in around 30% cheaper than the full version. 

The hard-cover version comes with a feels-good-to-touch soft surface and has three ribbon bookmark for you to mark all the rules you can't remember for saving your life. 

The edges of the book are stylish and black and it is fair to say that it looks pretty damn nice. 

The 168 pages (compared to 452 pages in the big book) have all the rules, none or very little of the fluff. 

40k-Mini-Rules: Will it hurt sales of Starter Boxes?
For gamers, I think this is a long needed addition to the assortment of GW and I am certain it will sell extremely well. HOWEVER, I am also certain that this will hurt the sales of the starter box tremendously. I know tons of gamers who only bought the starter box in order to get the small rulebook (which with its soft cover is still a force to be reckoned with). 

I think it's great - and even though I have not played a single game for over 3 years now
(I HAVE to get back), I am sure this beautiful little booklet will find it's way into my collection. 

NEW Rumors about the Space Marine Codex

The new Space Marine Codex will be on sale starting midnight on Friday, next week. There will be a limited edition available. No, that's not right. Rumors have it that there will be up to NINE (nine, nine, nine thousand) versions of the codex out there. 

So far, I remember these from the list of all nine someone at GW told me about... I am old, my eyes grow dim and my short term memory is bad - so these are the ones that I can remember right now ;) 

- Black Templar
- Ultramarines

- Imperial Fists
- Salamanders
- Blood Angels

- White Scars
- I think Blood Ravens were in there, too, not sure though. Crimson Fists? Hm...

Typically, there have been 1000 or 2000 limited edition codices available - but with Space Marines being the best selling of all armies, I expect 9x 500 = 4500 copies worldwide. But that's just me. I would have done 7x600 making it 4200, of course. ^^ As a collector, of course, I would love to catch them all, but as I expect a price of 80€+ (maybe 100?), that would be too much, even for a hardcore nerd collector like me. So two it is :) 

If you want to read more about the latest Space Marine Codex rumors (and other related subjects), I recommend Faeit 212 and Pins of War as your sources of choice. Both awesome blogs of some of the hoopiest froods you'll ever find. 

Forge World News

And quite literally - this just in: 

An awesome new sculpt from Edgar Skomorowski (dégra), who slowly but surely gets into my top 3 of FW sculptors: The Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Taur'Ruk (what a name!). It is 30£ and worth every penny, imo. 

You can get it here.

Oh, and one last rumor for those who read all the way to the end: 

Mortarion. Forge World. Tomorrow. (I think)


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  1. Wow the Taur'Ruk looks fantastic.

  2. And the next Codex,...

    Why didn't sell GW the Codex as two books? One for gamer, only rules and data perhaps 20€?... and one for collector with storys and pictures for also 20€?...
    Together they get the same money and nobody cry about the cost.

    They have so much to learn...

    The Taur'Ruk is realy nice sculped. Very nice for a displaybase :-)

    Best regards,Dellolyn

  3. I THINK, I remember reading that it was first founding chapters on the covers of the codex. I also think Raven Guard is one of them. Great report tho Z!!! The mini rule book think was news to me ;P

  4. Look at those guys. I'm sure, it's safe to say, that Edgar ist one of the very best, if not THE best of FW suclptors at the moment


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