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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Season 1 - Order & Shop update, Paypal

Greetings my most patient readers!

Games Day US reports

I apologize for not having put up the third part of Games Day US yet, I am scrambling to get this out by tonight. 

We are extremely busy right now packing all of the remaining orders. 90% of orders are out, a few remaining ones need some extra TLC ;) Your orders have top priority for us - and after an awesome 19 hour workday yesterday, we are almost caught up ;) 

Paypal Blues for some of you

A big reason for being so busy aside from the shipping of boxes full of awesomeness all over the globe (hello South Africa! Hello Brazil!) is that we found and tried to identify some problems with Paypal in our store. 

Some of you, mostly from Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and for some weird reason Switzerland got error messages or the Paypal processing did not go through. 98% of orders go through smoothly, 2% don't process at all. In all instances we were able to send a direct invoice to the affected customers to get their order out as quickly as possible.

We removed the 'Express' option 
We suspect that this has to do with the Paypal Express Checkout and have removed this from the cart. This should cause no problem, as all you have to do is run the checkout procedure which then again will link you to Paypal. It's basically one extra click.

If you are trying to place an order and it does not go through, we will contact you to resolve the issue.  

Paintingbuddha Season 1 - Shipping update

XXXL, Girlie shirts and all sizes
available again next week. 
As mentioned, we have around 90% of all orders sent out. The rest will follow today and tomorrow (mostly Bruddhahood Pact 'Happy Monks' and a few other boxes we held back for people on vacation). 

As we are almost caught up now, we handle every order on a daily basis. We also send out daily now, as the amount of orders is so high! Again, thank you guys for your support - you are most excellent!

Unfortunately, we have run out of XXL shirts for the moment. The good news is that we already ordered a new batch of 150 shirts last week and they will be here next week. 'L' is running low as well. 

Running low on stock. still smiling.
Buddha style!
If your order is affected by this, we will send you an email. We apologize for the extra wait of about one week now. The good news is that we will have the new 3XL and all Girlie Shirts on stock then as well. 

Also: Our stock on 'Happy Monks' is dwindling as well. We are not sure if we will be able to cast some more and might have to take the Monk down temporarily, Kung-Fu-style. 

OK, now back to your orders - and then I hope we get part 3 of our GD US Report out by tonight!

Stay hoopy, 


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