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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Forge World News! Not all is lost at GW

Greetings my eye-sore fantastic fanatics!

Quick Updates

Games Day US Report - Part 3 coming soon™, promised. I am working on it but got abruptly interrupted by some breaking news: 

New Space Marine 'Models'

I call him the WTF Marine:

Job description: Squig herder for
While writing the Games Day US Report - Part 3 news about the new Space Marine models from GW broke like a tsunami over some unsuspecting HQ of a nameless company in the Industrial Forrest of Nottingham. 

I literally shook my head in disbelief for at least 30 minutes. Ben was like 'are you still sulking over the new models?' while a single tear ran down my cheek. 

The reaction from GW fans and critics all across the board has been nothing but devastating. The first hilarious memes make their round. I actually feel bad for all the good guys at GW. 

Alas, there is hope! 

Forgeworld has some pretty nifty release today. A somewhat new grungy, style which I really like a lot. Reminds me a lot of old John Blanche drawings. 

First we have this Castellax Battle-Automata, which fits in the whole Castellax style. Both Ben and I are of the opinion though that we have seen this miniature style before (Warmachine, Votoms and tons of Japanese robot kits) and it really does not fit the current IP of GW, but, it's a cool lil' robot. 36 quid is not too bad. 

Secondly, and more excitingly, we have this Magus Dominus with Rad-Cleanser. I always said what we really need are rad-cleansers, they are totally rad. 

I really like this model - it's like an incarnation of old John Blanche sketches and artwork. Very 30kish. And at only 20 quid this will surely be on top of my enormous pile of unpainted Forge World stuff, soon. 

But now for something completely different: 

I am pack to finishing my article about Games Day US - Part 3 :D

See you in a few.



  1. the WTF marine is a fake. It's a third part model modified on computer with a pre-heresy Whirlwind missile Launcher.

  2. Yeah, dint worry Zaph, that wtf marine is a Votoms/Scopedog model ;)

  3. The new centurions look awful, the new tank looks great. Looks like another hit/miss bunch of designs from the studio. Heldrake, skullcrusher, Belial, and now the centurions - what the hell is going on there?! ~sigh~ Hooray for the plastic HQ though right? RIGHT?!


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