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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Games Day 2013 US - Part III

Y'all came back now, I hear! 

Quick Update on

Hardcore nerds waiting in line to
drop of their entries for
the Golden Demon competition
and Armies on Parade
Good news everyone! After a very, very long week we have finally reached the point that we are caught up with all the orders. Every open order has been processed and the remaining boxes will go out tomorrow. A handful of L and XXL customers will have to be patient for a few extra days as we will receive a new badge of shirts in next week. 

As of today we will process all orders DAILY! And we'll also ship daily! That means that each order should be on it's way to you within two days of ordering (as long as we got your shirt size available!)

The supply of "Bruddhahood Pact" Happy Monk is running low. We do not know if we will be able to run another cast or whether these 100 Happy Monks are the end of cake. There's about 14 left and at 1/3 42 that sets of our internal alarms ;) 

For the next few days before and after Games Day Germany I will drum the marketing roll for our DVD set that much, we want to focus only on the Games Day ahead. 
I am SO looking forward to that event - you should go, too!

Games Day US - Part III - Armies on Parade

Kelly's awesome tree, matching her
haircolor. She took home silver, even
though that did not fit the color scheme :D
As we were so busy with making sure we get your orders out as quickly as possible, I had very little time doing what I like doing best: Reporting from awesome events all over the world! So let's catch up here, too.

In Part IV of Games Day (tomorrow, I promise :D) I will talk a lot about the effects of limiting ticket sales and what it did to the event. Also I will let you know how the overall event was run and what I would also like to see in other countries - but more about that tomorrow. 

NOW let's focus on one of my personal highlights of Games Day US 2013.

Armies on Parade

White Dwarf Photographer
Glenn More
While we were all very impressed with the top entries of our new US friends, I have to say that there is one thing that impressed me even more. Armies on Parade. Granted, in projects like this you cannot seriously maintain a painting standard as high as at the Golden Demon - unless you spend a year or two on your entry. Most entries were still painted to a rather high standard, though! But what really startled me was the love and the detail that went into the displays. Just watching the guys and girls putting their displays together, attaching batteries, starting up lamps, fire effects and all other kinds of magical trickery was a joy. These guys LOVE the hobby. And the creativity that went into most of the pieces was inspiring. 

Light, Smoke, Fire

What was really cool is that many entries had some electronic magickery connected, so you would see dragon's breathing flickering fireballs, candles lighting the rooms of the besieged cities in a nervous twitch. 

My personal favorite was Kelly's Big Tree. "I just wanted it be taller than me" she said when I asked her what her main motivation behind it was. The tree may have been tall, but Kelly's work was GREAT. 

All of these guys have put a lot of dedication into these displays. Cowboy-hats off to you!

This three level tomb went home with Gold.
The winning entry was a three level Necron Tomb under a Monolith. 


I took the solemn vow that in the next two years (if there are still GDs :/) I want to build an Army on Parade display. I just love armies and army displays. 

Show me a page with tons of minis in the new GW Apocalypse release and I WILL throw money at you. It's an involuntary reflex, I cannot help it. 

Here is the Picasa-Webalbum for the Army on Parade entries - SHARE & ENJOY!

Today's item for the Stack'O'Swag

Today we will put a valuable, highly sought after, long-time sold out limited edition DARK ANGEL CODEX on top of the Stack'O'Swag. There were only 2000 available worldwide, sold out in about a day. I got 10 of them with the firm goal to give 9 of them away. This is #5 if I have not lost count! 

Don't forget that you
still can win a GD
T-Shirt in our
'other' running

Not including this rare limited DA Codex, we got got three paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirts, the 2013 Games Day Limited Miniature, Happy Monk, three MYSTERIOUS Swag Bag from Games Day US, a Limited Games Day 2013 Mini (Marco Colombo), a Limited Edition Dark Vengeance 40k starter box (whaaaat?) and a Limited Edition XXX Dwarf on the Stack'O'Swag.

What you need to do to win? Simple. Just SHARE & ENJOY this post with your friends on Google+ or Facebook and this counts as your ticket for drawing of the winners. will be voted best giveaway site this side of Andromeda by knowledge-able space aliens three years in a row. How 'bout that?



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