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Monday, August 12, 2013

Games Day 2013 Germany - Preport

Slayer Sword Winner Roman Lappat - with an EPIC diorama - pics comming soon!
Gooood morning my exquisite event enthusiasts!

Games Day 2013 Coverage

What a weekend! 

iPhone E-Pic of Roman's epic diorama.
Better photos up soon! 
After getting back to Berlin at around 2am in the morning and about 4 hours of sleep, I set my alarm to go ahead and write our big Games Day Germany report! Brought to you by enormous quantities of coffee :D

I am now sorting through around 2000 pics (Kyle's and mine) and am writing the article.

After a quick first sort I will make all pictures available - unedited - so you can enjoy them as quickly as possible. For the rest of the day I will then edit and crop all the pics - a process that will be reflected in the album as I go along - but probably will take 4-5 hours at least :D Then you can see all the pictures nice and perdy ;)

If you have not seen it yet, yesterday I did a live-action report from GD Germany on our Facebook Page - you can see many pictures and all winners of the categories there (even with misspelled names :D) 

Congratulations from and to ROMAN LAPPAT of the Massive Voodoo crew for his slayer sword.
You'll read all about it here in the next a few hours! 

Rafael "Volomir" Garcia Maríns also epic
WHFB Monster entry. Gold!
The article itself should be up by around 10 am CET. 

I know you all are feverishly awaiting the pictures and the report and we at work feverishly to get them up as quickly as possible! Make sure to follow us on Facebook - I will update the report status there frequently today! 

Tell your friends about this report - all in the spirit of SHARE & ENJOY. 

Stack'O'Swag Giveaway

We will extend our Stack'O'Swag Giveaway by ONE MORE day - as I will mostly be busy with the report today. And at some point I need to sleep :D

So if you don't know what it is - read the posts for the last couple of days. Each time you SHARE (and enjoying) our posts with your Facebook and Google+ friends you will receive a 'ticket' for our big sweepstakes!

And now let's get cracking!


  1. Grats to Roman and all other winners. I am really curious how this "limited and special" event was in the end.

    1. I will write a very comprehensive report on this for tomorrow.
      Right now I am scrambling to get the pictures up :)

  2. My congratulations for all of you! For Ben with more Demons, for Roman with this epic victory and for you, Mike, - you had such great time on this event and opportunity to see all these incredible works "in real life"!


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