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Monday, August 26, 2013

Masterminis turns 1! 420,000 views Giveaway!

Greetings my most excellent fellow nerds! 

Not quite part 4 yet

I know many of you are waiting for part four of our increasingly epic mini-series "The future of Games Days and Games Workshop". 

No, we have not received a Cease and Desist to shut us up (yet), we've just been incredibly busy with packing and sending out your many paintingbuddha orders plus I had the house full of nerdy visitors that took away all sleep and all the strength from an old man :D

Thank you so much for your many comments (it's worth reading ALL of them - very, very interesting!) and your many, many messages that I received. If all goes well, I'll post part 4 tomorrow. I'll try to make it worth the wait ^^

Until then you might wanna catch up to Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 if this is all news to you.

September 1st, 2013: Birthday Bash!

Technically, the blog is a little older than September 1st, but the official 'launch' of our blog was on September 1st, 2012. Before that we had a couple of test-posts here and there - but the final site layout and all the good stuff were set on September 1st last year. 

So turns 1 year old. Yay! :) 

One of my personal goals was to reach 420,000 views in a year - a goal that I thought was as cool as totally not achievable. With a total of 9 weeks of server outage over the last year (curse you 1&1), we still are within reach of this goal! Only about 8000 views are missing until we hit 420,000! As you can see, 42 is truly everything ^^

Beeblebrox' Buddhalicious Birthday Bash Giveaway (B4G)

As soon as we hit 420,000 viewers, we will have a very special 420,000 viewers giveaway! If you have been following this blog since it's beginning, you know that we are giving away tons and tons of mostly rare and OOP stuff - things that make any nerd shed at least a single joyful tear.

For our 420,000 viewer Birthday Bash Giveaway we will think of something really special for you guys. We are not quite sure yet which format the giveaway will have, but it will be full of SHARING & ENJOYING - that much is clear! ;) 

If you want to practice for the B4G Giveaway, go ahead: SHARE & ENJOY!

Thank you for supporting us! We heart you!


  1. A painting course with Ben, a sculpting one with Mati or a his presidentez course with you? I don't mind whicheve, give me all of them! :D

  2. i never win something so i dont post a comment here

    ooooops :P

  3. Totally right Ver-Bla.
    A Meet-and-Paint-together should also be nice ;-)
    After the first of your six DVDs there is so many I want to paint with you to learn to become better.

    Review is growing.

    best regards


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