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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Space Marine Release: First pics

For the Emperor! 

What's my excuse, total stranger in my apartment?

Kyle's present for me.
I almost have more 'friend minis'
than I got ones painted by me ^^
Inviting someone you have never met over to stay with you for a couple of days - in particular a miniature painting nerd - is widely believed to be risky business. We invited "Mr. Lee" Kyle Cruickshank, a Canadian from Istanbul to travel to Games Day Germany with us and he arrived yesterday. 

And what can I say! He's an awesome guy :D We sat in the kitchen for 7 hours, just talking about life, the universe and everything. At 3am I was not capable to post part 3 of our GD US report anymore ;) 

But it is coming. Today. Soon™. 

New Space Marine Release

As you know, we are usually among the first people to spread the word on leaked information about new codices, miniatures, news and rumors from Games Workshop. But being so busy shipping our Season 1 DVD set the last couple of weeks, I completely missed that there will be a new release for my precioussss Space Marines! Codex, minis, vehicles and all! 

And since I don't like to steal someone elses Thunder, I want to strongly recommend you head over to our friend and write of one of the best blogs for this kind of thing: 
And I even more strongly would recommend to subscribe to his blog - his articles are always up-to-date and extremely well written!

Here is just one of his pics for your personal entertainment: Space Marine Centurions. I hope BSG does not sue them for the use of the word Centurion. :D

Shameless copy of a picture from Pinsofwar


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Stay tuned for our GD US - Part 3 report later today - we'll add some nifty s..tuff to the Stack ;) 

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  1. Awful looking models GW, is it like a competition to see who can cram the most crap on it? Where is the kitchen sink?

  2. Awful looking models GW, is it like a competition to see who can cram the most crap on it? Where is the kitchen sink?

  3. Hope you have a good time together :)

  4. Yay for lego looking better as space marines then the GW models itself! :D

  5. Stopped buying Games Wksp stuff ages ago when i realised you can get better and cheaper made models from people who actually care about the games they play and not making a profit from badly made models.

  6. These new, what do they call them... oh yes, Termitubbies look absolutely horrible and what is the point of having something between a Terminator Marine and a fully armed and operational Space Marine Dreadnought?!
    These new Centurions look like walking garbage cans, there are so many areas of their game universe that could use an updating (Eldar Jet Bikes and IG Rough Riders) but instead GW produces crap models like these that won't sell. Very sad.


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