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Friday, August 2, 2013

Games Day Germany - Quo Vadis Rumors

Morning my pretty plastic painters!

And again we interrupt our Games Day US coverage for some breaking news. 

Games Day Germany Rumors

Last night - or rather early this morning - I received some rumors from the German Games Day that I can only describe as 'not so good'. Well, sugarcoating is not my thing, so - its bad, if it's true... So bad, that, if it is true, this may very well be the last German Games Day. :( 

Will these tickets become rare collector's items?
According to what has been a very reliable source inside GW in the past, German HQ has informed the stores that they need to advertise the upcoming Games Day more. The reason being that out of the 2000 available tickets, only 800 had been sold so far. 

Again, this is an unconfirmed rumor, and even if the source got it wrong and instead of 800 tickets sold, 800 were still remaining it would not be good. So for the sake of this blog entry, let's assume the rumor is true. 

(And you know, when you make an assumption, you make an ass of U and umption.)

Limiting ticket sales

With Games Workshop cutting ticket sales at all events from around 5000 visitors last year to 2000, raising the prices to 50€ and removing the Games Day Miniature and the Games Day T-Shirt from the deal, emotions had been running very high - particularly here in Germany (we Germans like to complain, you know, especially if someone gives us a reason to). 

I will write extensively about what I think about limiting tickets from my experience in US in a separate post - and you will see that, even though I still think it makes little sense economically and marketing-wise, it's not all bad - quite the opposite, actually.

Back then, we had covered the rumors extensively (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) - and it was at a time where many Games Days (France, Spain, Australia) had already been cancelled and others were uncertain (Italy, Japan). 

German HQ scrambling valiantly

This order seems legit.
We all know that like all good prime directives, the ones from the HQ in Nottingham end with the famous words of Jean Luc Picard: "MAKE IT SO!" And no-one cares if Wesley Crusher thinks its a bad idea.

Putting everything in perspective (and the latest earnings report confirms this again), GW is cutting down on cost everywhere they can, quite 'successfully' if I may add. Cutting cost in itself is not a bad thing - many of us question how GW does it, but let's be honest guys, we don't have their numbers, all we can do is apply common sense.

And let's face it... common sense - what good did that ever do us?

I am sure that HQ Germany, like Wesley Crusher, does not always agree with everything their captains order, and as you can see in the internal memos provided in the links above, they did the best to come up with a good solution for us fans. One example is the 'this-is-not-a-games-day-T-Shirt' shirt, buyers of the Ticket Attack ticket on April 20th received - I hear this was not sanctioned by HQ Nottingham. 

Still, a lot of damage was done and many people, very vocally, condemned the overall situation. 

Nice T-Shirt though ;) 

So what now? Quo vadis, Games Day Germany?

My advise to you: Frakk it! Buy a ticket! Go and visit Games Day Germany! It is going to be awesome - and you know it!

From our many travels to events all around the world you know how much fun we have at these events. This year we will meet with painters from all over the world at our Pre-GD-Dinner (video) again, followed by a meet-and-greet minis and painters at a hotel until dawn breaks. And then we join our fellow nerds at Games Day Germany (video) to celebrate our nerdieness. 

We are all looking forward to meeting you in Cologne! Btw: Like in the last years, our German painter community is organizing live painting demonstrations again. Be there, or be square!


P.S.: I don't want to live in a world without Games Day Germany! And while we are at it: Bring France, Australia, Spain and Japan back. DO IT NAU!


  1. I visited the first GD in Germany and every one after that.
    But in 2009 the whole event sucked so bad (in my opinion) that a left only after a two or three hours with a few other guys to hit the Cologne Altstadt.
    And from what I hear, the whole event went straight down the drains from that point on.

    I had good times with GW, but I know when it's time to move on. There are quite a few outfits on the market who don't treat their paying customers like crap.

    1. I can see how that particularly applies for gamers: the awesome gaming tables were replaced with the modular gaming boards...

      As far as painters are concerned, I feel that the standard and the quality of entries in the last years went up steadily.

      And I ALWAYS had the best of times at GD Germany :D What a grown man will do for a finalist pin :D

    2. Of course it's great to look at those stunning pieces of art.
      But I think there are a few nice competitions out there besides GD. Maybe someone will resurrect "Miniaturenansichten/Red Devil"?

      The one time I entered GD (2003, I think), the finalists where decided long before all participants had submitted their works.
      And nowadays I can't keep up with this level of skill thats required for a painting competition.

  2. I for one would be really sad to see GD Germany go down the drain.

    When would I get to see all of the guys I love meeting every year when we attend? I'd miss you guys!!

    I know it sucks that they put the price up, but we should support it because if we don't it won't be there next year.


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