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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Disqualification at Games Day US

Liar, liar, base on fire!

Our Spanish Team friend and fellow Games Day US 2013 participant Octavio Fernandez has send me this message today which he received from Games Workshop US: 
Hi guys!
It has come to our attention that the Imperial Thunderbolt that won the Open Competition was not entered by the creator, therefore, it has been disqualified.
That means that the winners are as follows:
1st - Bennett Blalock-Doane 

2nd - Jason Colbeck 

3rd - Octavio Fernandez (congrats Octavio!) 
We are trying to recover the 1st place trophy, and would appreciate if you could send your trophies back (Bennett and Jason) so we can get the correct trophies out. We will be sending a shipping label to you to pay for shipping. If you can't send it back for some reason, just let me know. Then we will send the correct trophies out to you!
Nicole Lewandowski
Golden Demon Captain 
The cheating entry: Very well done in deed. 
Just not by the guy who entered it. 
For some reason, cheating at Games Day US has had quite a history in the past. 

Some guys buy miniatures painted by professional European painters and then think it is a good idea to enter them into the competition - most of the time without the knowledge of the painter. 

Then he get's caught and will banned from Games Day participation for the rest of his life. I hope it was worth it. 

No-one expected the
Spanish Team
(to pic up another demon)
As you can see from the message, Games Workshop North America and their Golden Demon team handle this in an exemplary way - very professional and courteous!

Congrats Octavio on US Demon #4 (if my count is correct!), congrats also to Bennett and Jason! I feel a little sad that someone too your moment of glory from you by cheating! And finally congrats to the US Games Day organizers and their Golden Demon Captain Nicole!

Hey, Octavio! Maybe you can send us a picture of your 'winning entry'? 

That would be quite buddhalicous ^^

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  1. Not again... Have people not realised that the community will eventually pick these things up?

    I remember a recent occassion in the UK young bloods - someone recognised the model, contacted the guy on PB and GW subsequently found out.

    What's the point anyway? It's not like you've achieved anything other than proving you have enough money to buy a mini painted by someone else!

    1. I just feel bad for the honest painters who got robbed of their one moment of glory at an event.

  2. It was a surprise for me and also a bitter sweet feeling about it. Nobody likes to win under this circumstances, but on the other hand I'm glad that justice has been made.

    BTW, it's 5 demons, my friend, he he he: 1 Gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze. My best collection ever.

    I don't have the mini here to take pics of it, but you can find pictures (not good ones, sorry) at coolmini:


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