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Friday, August 9, 2013

Join us at Games Day Germany on Sunday!

Good morning my awesomely awake artists!

Games Day Germany

Games Day Ticket Attack.
Failed Rolls-to-hit accross the table
After more sleep in one night then the last three combined I feel good and ready for Games Day Germany. 

I will probably only have one entry - my US entry Slaan Frog thingy - with me and will rework it a little after Ben tells me what's hot and what's not. That will turn into an entertaining and helpful post we think. 

As you have read in this post, ticket sales for Germany were not so hot this year. All the confusion about 'will there be a GD or not?', 'will it be in Bochum or Cologne?' and the significant price hike brought out the 'Frakk You, we're not going' in many of you. All hail the glorious Games Day Codex brought to you courtesy of the community savvy management board of HQ Nottingham.

Last year 4000 paid visitors, about 4500 in attendance and now ticket sales are reported to be still below 1000. 

The Galactic Presidents calls upon you

The president thinks
Let put on my Galactic Bathrobe to appear a little more official and tell you what I think:

Not going to Games Day Germany this year would be a worse mistake than limiting ticket sales while upping prices (which was pretty not-so-good as we can see now). 

So I call on all of you to join us and visit Games Day Germany. I don't do this to help Games Workshop. I really do not want to live in a world without Games Day Germany. And the way it looks - unless the management at HQ Nottingham finally comes to their senses, however unlikely this may be - this might well be the last Games Day Germany ever. Period.

Next stop: The knee.
Having sat on US and UK management board meetings in my former life, I know that they will turn this not even sold out crowd into an incredible success of their secret ninja marketing tactics and probably close down all Games Days just because it 'makes sense on a community communication level' or 'that's apparently what the customer wants' or some other Nurgleshit. 

Same awesome tacticians that had to turn off Facebook comments to their customers. :D Oh, the irony. Do you know any other company that does that? Secret ninja tactics, I tell you.

Raffa's incredible 2012 Slayer Sword winner
Reasons to go to Games Day Germany

So let's for the moment forget Games Workshop's management and let's talk about us. Because we rule. So why should consider going to Games Day Germany?

1: Best Golden Demon EVER?

After shutting down GD Spain and GD France, this years GD Germany, which traditionally had the most diverse international field of all Games Days, will turn into a frakking slaughterfest of the most beautiful miniatures you have ever seen. 

After hyping the limited GD tickets in our own forum, I know for a fact that tons of the world's best painters scrambled to get their tickets before there were sold out. Hahaha... Sold out :D Hindsight is 20/20.

This WILL be the strongest Golden Demon ever. IF you want to see the best painters in the world battle it out for the coveted Slayer Sword THIS is the year to go. And with the estimated low attendance there won't be no shoving and pushing going on and you can leisurely look at all the masterpieces. 

I have seen some sneak peeks of some of the entries and - having seen tons of competitions - was breathless. 

So, IF GD Germany goes out, WE are going out in a FRAKKING BLAZE OF GLORY. 

2: Low attendance can be good

GD UK 2012: 3,5 hours in the Forge World Line
Have you ever been to a buffet that was planned for 100 people and only 10 came? I have. It was AWESOME - NOMNOMNOM!

Games Day Germany might turn into something like that. 

From our experience in the US we can say that a not-crowded Games Day is a very enjoyable experience. 

So what will be better than in recent years? What benefits will the 1000+ visitors of GD Germany experience compared to 4500+ last year?

- Short lines at the Forge World stand.
- look at awesome GD entries, in your own time, without being squeezed to death. 
- Join our international friends at our live Painting Workshop stands! 
  (Only in Germany, see schedule below)
- Time to talk to all the Designers, Artists, Red-Shirts without being rushed and without them being stressed out. 
- Time to test play many games and scenarios yourself, 
- Be able to participate in Speed Demon, Scratch Demon and other fun events

I think, this might turn into the most relaxed and best Games Day of all times for the visitors. So at the end of everone's summer break in Germany, and the beginning of the painting competition season, let's meet up and celebrate ourselves! 

2: The Auditorium! 

This is new - an old GD UK idea that will be back in UK as well this year. The Auditorium. All day long you can 'stay a while and listen' when, for example, Roman "Jarhead", of our friends at Massive Voodoo will tell you all about how to make awesome GD entries. 

Speaking of Roman, let me tell you this: From what I have heard and seen of Roman's monster Diorama, only seeing that should be worth going to Games Day Germany. True story, bruddhas!
How and where to get tickets

Since there are still tons of tickets left, GW Germany has confirmed that there will be tickets sold at the door. And unlike in theaters and other places, they are not even more expensive (now THAT would be funny). But let's carry on, we don't want to give the GW HQ management any ideas... 

Time Schedule

The event starts at 10 o'clock at the Gürzenich in Cologne City. Any Golden Demon or Armies on Parade entrants can enter the premises at 9am to drop off their works. 

There is a full day program for both Painting Workshops and Auditorium (see above) and at 4pm the event ceremony will bring the event to a close. @ Games Day

Ben, Mati and I will be at Games Day Germany. We would love to meet you! If you see us, please come and to talk to us! 

If you don't know what we look like, have another look here

From past experience you know that we are the #1 miniature GIVEAWAY site - and we would not be ourselves if you didn't have the chance to win something during GD Germany. 

In this spirit, we have the following recommendations to you: 

- If you see us, talk to us. Tell us you read this post! 
- If you own a Paintingbuddha shirt - this would be a good day to WEAR IT! 

Just sayin' - there might be some serious giveaway opportunities here ;)

Report on

11 of us will take the train down to Cologne. On the way back I plan to write my articles on the train back, so - no matter how long it takes - Monday morning, when you are getting up, I want the first report up for your personal entertainment :D

Stack'O'Swag Sweepstakes

Today we add a Lord of the Rings - the Hobbit Rulebook (english) to the Stack'O'Swag. 

So now we have : A rare limited DA Codex, we got got three paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirts, the 2013 Games Day Limited Miniature, Happy Monk, three MYSTERIOUS Swag Bag from Games Day US, a Limited Games Day 2013 Mini (Marco Colombo), a Limited Edition Dark Vengeance 40k starter box (whaaaat?), a Limited Edition XXX Dwarf and now the Hobbit Rulebook on the Stack'O'Swag.

What you need to do to win? Not much. Just SHARE & ENJOY our posts with your Facebook and google+ friends!

Also, make sure to add your name and T-Shirt size to the comment section of this post - and win a Games Day T-Shirt in your size! 

Winners will be announced on Monday! 


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  1. I wish to be there :( Good luck and have a nice time during pre GD party ;)

  2. Looking forward to meeting you heading home for the final stages of my entry

  3. Just got in and watched my copy of season 1.1. Nicely done.

    Tim Crothers - XL

    1. Thanks Tim! Let us know, what we could do better next time, too ;)

  4. Looking forward to meet all the painting freaks again. Specially those never met in person.

    XL- Steff Schiffer :)

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