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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back from Games Day US 2013, Memphis, TN!

Howdy y'all!

Back from Games Day US 2013, Memphis, Tennessee!

Ben and I returned back from Memphis yesterday morning - and after what feels like an eternity of sleep we are back in full throttle (and hopefully have arrived successfully in our time-zone ^^).

Thank you for your support!
There will be a LOT of posts on the Games Day in the next couple of days, as a matter of fact, that's all I will be doing for the next two days while Mati is busy sending out an unbelievably high numbers of orders to you guys! 

In fact, we received so many orders over the weekend that it will take us a few days to get them all sent out. THANK YOU so much for your support! We will send out your orders daily now and estimate that the last of them should be sent out no later than by Tuesday next week!

Games Day 2013 - AWESOME!

Kelly Senter's awesome Armies on Parade
entry (took silver ^^)
This post is basically just to tell you 'we are back!' - and to announce a mini-series of reports from Games Day 2013. 

I got a few hundred photos to sort, edit and to make perdy - that will take a few hours ;)

So here is the articles we will post over the next couple of days, starting later today

- GD 2013: Event Review
- Army on Parade
- Spotlight US Artists 
- Spotlight Diorama: Ben's Tau Titan in Detail
- 7 paths of fail: An in-depth, critical analysis of my 
  WHFB monster entry by Ben Komets
- Road Trip Journal: Memphis, Graceland, Nashville...

And probably some more stuff ;) So stay TUNED!

I am now off to write the first post ;) I am still so excited about this awesome trip ^^

In the meantime...

14 days of Celebration - Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes!

So far we got three paintingbuddha Supporter T-Shirts, the 2013 Games Day Limited Miniature and the Happy Monk in the Stack'o'Swag Sweepstakes.

Stay tuned, subscribe and don't miss any of the future prizes!

With EVERY upcoming Games Day US 2013 post we will add at least one item to the stack! 

Also, don't forget that we will try to get you a limited Games Day 2013 T-Shirt in your size! And YES we got some! They were sold out within 15 minutes! ;) Winner will be announced on August 5th!

All winners will be announced on Monday August 5th! Chances of winning are awesome!


  1. This tree looks awesome!!! Looking forward to see more of this stuff. Nice to hear that you had a great time there.
    And can't wait to finally get my hands on the DVDs ;)

  2. One thing to say.... I AM A BANANA!!


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