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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun - Part 2: Models, Vehicles and Terrain for free!

Morning everyone! 
And now for something completely similar to yesterday

Very small eyes this morning... Martin 'Farbfanatiker' of (T)Raumschmiede (check out their FB Page!) and his girl spend the weekend with me - and like real good nerds, we talked the night away until almost the break of dawn. Then the alarm rang :P

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

Feels like TSOALR in 3D :D
When I posted the pictures of the paper-craft terminators, I did not quite expect the big wave of 'awww, that's cute' and 'wow, that's cool' responses I received. Many of you shared Jim Bowen's creations and I am sure, one or two of you are already snipping and gluing away! ^^ 

(If you do, send us pics of your finished models!)

I received a lot of questions about "how can I make something like this myself?", "Do you have more models?" and "What software do you recommend for doing something like that?"

As you probably already guessed, none of these designs are mine. I am not an artist. I am just a hunter and gatherer on the Internet like most of us :D

Cute? I'll show you cute!

Yeah, the paper terminators are cute, no doubt. But let's see what Yellow One is cooking, when someone gives him some paper, noodles and wood glue. (I kid you not)

That's right people. The model is made from paper, the railings are made from spaghetti and the sculpted wolves are sculpted from wood glue. Sculpted. FROM GLUE! And none other than Russian legend Yellow One painted the model that his friend TRUEvector had created from scratch. A true masterpiece. Handle with care - and don't overcook!

Titans, Tanks, and in particular TONS of terrain for your gaming table? 

There is just too much stuff for me to even try to post it all here - but some of it is quite amazing. Use the power of google-foo and google for "40k paper craft" or "40k pepakura" "paperhammer"

Have a nice weekend :D

How they dunnit

There are two main sources of paper craft models: PDFs and PePaKuRa PDO files. 

We all know what PDFs are, so no need to elaborate on this here. 

So, let's look at how you can make your own PePaKuRa models! 

Pepakura comes in two flavors: Designer and the free viewer. It's made by a Japanese company called Tamasoft. 

The Designer takes 3D-Models (such as created with the free MetasequoiaLE) and through the power of magic turns them into ready-to-print paper models. (I guess it's more complicated than this, but again, I am not an artist :P)

The viewer also comes in two flavors. A normal viewer and a 'Cameo Silhouette' Version. The cameo is a plotter/cutter and will conveniently cut all the Pepakura prints right for you. All you have to do is glue. We have a Cameo Silhouette here in the office and we love it! We cut plastic card with it - which works just fine, but is costly on the blade side ^^.

Anywho, I guess that's enough 'off-topic' entertainment for a day ^^

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  1. Wuhuuu more papercraft :) Thats great!

  2. The future of GW? Its definitely better quality then failcast ;-)


    1. Heheh... 2014 - GW: "Finecast plastic got to expensive, so we replaced it with cheap paper. As a result, we have to double our prices"


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