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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paintingbuddha Shop: Temporary Murphy

It's back in black and almost gave me a heart attack: The paintingbuddha shop :) 
Temporary Murphy

Our blog has had over 9000 (actually over 12000) views in the last 12 hours and maybe the many clicks on our paintingbuddha shop for our first and exclusive Season 1.1 - DVD Set "Target Identified" has beaten the server into submission. The server was down for approximately 42 minutes, the shop unreachable. 

The tech support of our hoster Mittwald however, solved the problem LITERALLY in less than 42 seconds after my call. Very professional guys there - highly recommended if you need a good shop server!

Sorry for the inconvenience - you are now free to go on a wild shopping spree again. 

About half of the available boxes are gone after not even four weeks of sales! Thank you so much for your support! 

While supplies last. Just sayin' bro. True story.

Captain Janeway: "Best deal in the Alpha Quadrant."


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