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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Games Day UK - Golden Demon Rules Clarification

For a soon very unhappy SkelettetS 

Golden Demon UK 2013 Rules clarification

Depending on which links you followed on the Games Workshop site, you were able to get to two conflicting versions of the Golden Demon rules for GD UK 2013 (which of course we will be reporting from!)

The question was 'How many units does a unit have to have, if there are monstrous creatures in it? (In this case, Forgeworld Trolls)

There were two answers. One said '5 units minimum', the other said '5 units minimum (unless it's monstrous creatures, in which case 3 is ok).

Mad props to the Games Workshop Service guys, btw. They are really good about answering questions in a timely fashion:
Hi Michael,
The second link ( is the correct set of rule. 
Our web team is currently looking into the first link as it is not valid.
The minimum unit size is 5 and so 3 trolls, though a legal unit, would not be able to enter.
Rules will be published on the website closer to the time and so we cannot say what they will be for next year, though they are unlikely to differ wildly.
We hope this helps.
If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

The answer is #1: Every unit MUST consist of a minimum of 5 - regardless of what they are. The biggest problem here was that the wrong link showed '2013 GD Rules' whereas the correct post appeared to have been a remnant from GD 2010.

So, Stefan, my sweet Swede... You have to either sculpt 2 more trolls from scratch, buy 3 more and convert 2 OR scrap the project. My sympathies, but that's what you get for naming your trolls Benjarraffa. :D

Drying nerd tears

Stefan's style is as beautiful
as unique. Very hoopy indeed.
Stefan aka "SkelettetS" is an amazingly hoopy frood from Sweden who has a very unique, dark and grungy painting style which I admire very much. 

But today, he is sad, because of the rules clarification.

Why don't you head over to his Facebook Page - which has been the fastest growing pro-painter site that I know of, it's just a few weeks old! 

Stefan has this totally amazing nerd-tear-dispensing-machine that is hooked up to his Like button. If you 'Like' his page, the machine issues a tissue. So, head over to his FB Page and SAVE A NERD!

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  1. Interesting article.
    However, for me is quite clear that the first rules ( are for the GD US 2013, while the second set of rules ( are the generic.

    We have to understand that each local GW set their rules and might (or might not) offer some flexibility.
    I have seen in France and Spain figures in non-standard gaming bases that were moved to the Open category. And WFB figures in 50mm square plinths in the Single WFB category in UK.

    I am a big fan of the flexibility, however in this case I think Michael will have to paint another 2 trolls, as the rules are quite clear... :-/


  2. So, get some spanner on the works.
    this is the rule (copied and pasted from GW linky up)
    "Category 2
    Warhammer 40,000 Squad
    This category is for Warhammer 40,000 squads or squadrons of five or more models. This is also the category for Epic 40,000 detachments and includes gangs and mobs from Necromunda. All squads must be 'legal' in game terms. Judges will be looking for units that best exemplify the qualities and character of the army they represent. This category DOES include squadrons of bike-mounted models provided they are organised into a unit of five or more models. Larger vehicle models should be entered into Category 3. All models should be mounted on an appropriately sized gaming base. Units or squads of models from Forge World's Imperial Armour may be entered in this category."
    So my Unit of 3 thunderwolves, two fenrisians wolves and a Woll lord on thunderwolf will be legal? I asked because there will be only 4 minis of the same (thunderwolves) but there will be a total of 6 miniatures......;)

    1. The unit has to have 5 minis - each on individual bases. And the unit has to be legal in gaming terms.

  3. Really enjoying the Games Day coverage and the Future of GW and GD articles. Thanks for all the hard work.

  4. Yes, liking people's pages is a good thing :)

  5. Stefan for the win!!! But we still have a president. ;-)

    Best regards,Dellolyn

  6. So much for my plague ogres if they make that rule in the states. on a rules side note, I don't understand the winner in duel this year. the gold had three characters in it. I thought a duel means two. I'm biased of course because I entered the category. but I thought two figs facing off on a forty or fifty mm base was the rule. I know I had a crow and a dead ripper and mine on the base as filler. I asked if that was ok and they said they didn't count. so I guess the the third guy holding the other down didn't count either. I'm just confused I guess.


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