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Friday, August 2, 2013

Forgeworld News: Apocalypse!

Wow - so hot and so many news!

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Forgeworld News

Imperial Armor: Apocalypse
It's red! This means, I must buy it!
I admit it, I am a BIIIG fan of Apocalypse. To me, seeing hundreds and thousands of minis on a table is one of the seven untold wonders of nerdom. 

And after the spectecular Apocalypse release from Games Workshop it was only a matter of time for Forge World to follow suit. And they did! 

For now, they released a new edition of the Forge World 'Imperial Armor: Apocalypse' book. This 156 page beauty comes in at only 30 quid and will surely find it's way in my backpack at Games Day 2013 Germany. It will be released just in time on August 9th. 

In addition, and similiar to GW's one-click-armies, Forge World has released a couple of Apocalypse formations for our convenience. I kinda hoped for new releases, but then again - I think they will follow shortly. And since everything Forge World makes tickles my fance, it will be awesome as well...

One of the many Formations that I'd love to have -
and  must try to fight the temptation! 400 quid. 
I have not yet done the math on whether these deals are 'deals' in the sense that you save money on the individual purchases - I am sure awesome sites such as Pins of War will tell you all about it soon™. ;) 

If someone out there is totally rich and would like to make an old nerd very happy - I would accept a gift of the Veneratii Reaper Titan squad :D. I'd even do a step-by-step on it, even though it might take a few years... :P 
I already have two large moving crates filled with Forge World stuff. Maybe it is time to invest in a third... 

Games Day Germany Update

I was able to confirm that the total number of the 2000 available tickets sold is in fact between 800 and 1000. Good news is: You can still get some!

This year will probably be one of the best and toughest Golden Demon painting competitions in a long time - reason enough to go and join us in the celebration of our hobby!

Also, I confirmed that if you order your ticket from the Games Day Online store that - EVEN if you did not receive it in time, GW will have a list of all ticket purchases at the door and with a form of identification (passport, drivers licence) you will get easy access with no hassle. 

Historically, most ticket sales were close to the Games Day Event and I am sure that a couple of hundred people will still join our ranks, but right now it seems that tickets will also be available at the door. 


1 comment:

  1. 800 sold with one week to go. That doesn't sound like GW's strategy is working.

    I live in Cologne and I was really happy being able to reach the location within 15 Minutes with my bicycle... but 50 Euro for a ticket is just too much money for this little sunday afternoon party.


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