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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Games Day Rumors VI - PB DVD Set

Happy Thor's Day!

It is 11 am and I hesitate to wish you all a good morning - but since we still have our Nerdcamp going on here, our daily routine is somewhat 'shifted'. So: "Good morning!" :D

Games Day Rumors VI - Part A

I received a reply from Games Workshop regarding my latest inquiry (see yesterday's post). Unfortunately, it does not really answer anything, but read for yourself: 
"Hello Michael
Thank you for your email.
At present we have no information on any of the Games Days, with regards to dates, cancellations etc, however if we do find out anything, we will make sure it is well published on the Games Workshop website and in White Dwarf.
I'm sorry that at this time we cannot be of more assistance, but if there is anything further that you need, please feel free to contact us again."
Now granted it does not say much, but that actually says a lot. 

Mail from the Headquarters in Nottingham
We have February right now and I think it is safe to say that events like Spain (which we 'know' to be cancelled) should have been advertized already as it usually was the first GD of the year. 

I also take this email quite literally when they write "At present we have no informations on any of the Games Days". I think this is about the best summary of what's going on that I have found so far. Plus, it would be consistent with anything we hear from other sources inside GW. Noone knows

But at this point let me also take the time to say that I was quite impressed with GW responding in such a fast and all-in-all professional way. I remember times where this was not always the case. If you don't believe me, try sending Forge World an email and wait for a response... FOREVER. Even the Emperor of Mankind could not wait that long.

But that's exactly what we have to do now. Wait. And of course, make sure the Big Rumor Mill keeps on turning...

Games Day Rumors VI - Part B

Modular Tabletop Square Thingies
Usually for Games Days the stores of the hosting country would build and prepared the gaming tables for the show. In recent years, these got less and less interesting, as instead of the creative scratch build masterpieces everything was dulled down as the stores 'had' to use the GW modular tabletop square thingies. 

According to a reliable source, all UK stores have been instructed to NOT build any tables for this year's GD as 'another company' would do this for them.

Please read the above sentence again and think about its implications. 

Now read it one more time. OK. Now continue or you will be caught in an infinite loop.

For Germany I heard a similar story, where one store employee stated that 'we do not know yet, whether we should go ahead and build a display. Noone tells us anything, I don't think they know what's going on, either". 

I don't know what to make of it. Best case scenario: GW hired the most awesome Terrain builders from Hollywood to create the biggest badass gaming tables the world has ever seen, OR worst case scenario: GW UK already knows there won't be a GD UK and they don't want their stores to 'waste time'. 

Either way, this makes me nervous. In a non-pleasant way.

What do you think? What do you make of it? Do you have some inside source at GW that you could pester for information?

Please leave your comments below.

Painting Buddha DVD - Release Date

The content will be so much hoopier than this! :D
A week or so back I blogged that we would not be able to hit our target of shipping out our first boxes in the first week of March as scheduled. The reason was a clown. No kidding. One of our suppliers surprisingly shut down their operations during 'Karneval', even knowing our deadlines. We got everything else here, ready to ship, but this one part is still missing.

I am still awaiting a final confirmation date on the delivery. We should receive this today or tomorrow. I will keep you updated. 

At this point I would like to thank all of you, especially the ones who already ordered our Painting Buddha DVD set for their support. Many of you ordered, not knowing 100% what the final product would look like, what the final box contents would be... Let me assure you - you will NOT be disappointed. We invested heavily in making this box as awesome as possible. More on this, soon (tm). 

Have a great day everyone!


P.S.: I added two new links to the Painting Crusade Event Report


  1. chef auf deu. wird das GD gemacht ja oder nein?

    1. Hey Maestro! :)

      GW schreibt "Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wissen wir überhaupt nichts zu Daten oder Lokationen von irgend einem Games Day".

      Meiner Meinung nach ist das eine Bestätigung, dass die meisten Events abgesagt sind. Für die großen besteht aber immer noch Hoffnung, glaube ich (eigentlich heißt das nur Deutschland im Moment, aber das ist meine persönliche Auffassung).

  2. und vielleicht in italien... vielleicht. ich frage mal nach... danke chef.

  3. Then maybe we should bombard them with mails to see how important GD is to us, and that we don't want it cancelled under any circumstance! Should we gather up the revolutionaries Mr. President? ;)

    1. I actually thought about something along those lines... I don't think that it would win the hearts and minds of the board members, nor would it reach their ears.

      Sometimes I think they should hire me as CEO - it would be so easy to turn this ship around. This may sound arrogant, but I really think so :D Instead of dividends I would pay may nerd shareholders with limited shareholder armies with Toughness 7 all around and a two armor saves across the board.

    2. I had an idea. Why not a MASSIVE KICKSTARTER so we can all buy GW from its shareholders and stop this profit nonsense?

    3. Have you read my secret strategy book? :D

  4. According to a reliable source, all UK stores have been instructed to NOT build any tables for this year's GD as 'another company' would do this for them.

    What does that mean?
    The second 'another company' would do this for them.
    Does that mean, GW-HQ hired an other company, to build gamingtables for them???

    Perhaps...they mean FW, and they want make a better 40k,
    that belongs to preheresy-ära, and this is a big secret,
    because they want the WOW!!!!-effect... *dream* ;)

    But...dont understand the above statement,
    can somebody explain me that in german?

    1. Sieht so aus, als hättest Du alles richtig verstanden :)

    2. Ok, Danke dir! :)

      Seltsame Sache das.....

  5. I actually dont really care for once about GD UK, as last year IMO was farcical. I mean by the time I had got there and entered my piece the finalists had already been chosen and moved to the next cabinet leaving no room. My entry was just shoved in a corner in the cabinet furthest away! The judges didn't even come back for another pass, so my entry wasn't even looked at. A lot of money wasted

  6. Man munkelt ja, dass der ehrenwerte Meister Eder und sein Pumuckel einen Großauftrag für ein in Nottingham ansässiges Unternehmen, an Land gezogen hat ;)

  7. I wish I could go to nerd camp. Oh well, back to shovelling snow here in Canada. Just remember: Nerd stands for...
    Dudes (or Dudettes, depending on gender).

  8. I loved GDUK last year and would be really sad if it was cancelled.

    Having said that, I just can't see them holding a GamesDay US and not one in the UK - surely that doesn't make any sense whatsoever?!

    1. Yeah, I can't imagine there won't be a GD UK either.


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