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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

REVOLUTIONARY Giveaway: Winners 28-34

7 happy bruddhas... 

...are the winners of #28-34 of our 42 REVOLUTIONARY Giveaways ^^

Reminder: Currently, there are two active giveaways: here and here! You can win one of two copies of the Limited Dark Angels Codex (limited to 2000 worldwide!) Good luck!

Again, how all of this works: 

April 1st, fool! I pity the fool who does not claim his prize!
All winners were drawn using I generated a number, looked at the post and - if it was a 'valid' post, the winner was drawn. If it was invalid (e.g., an invalid answer was given to a specific question or I drew myself), I just rinsed and repeated ;) 

If you have won, please send me an email to masterminis <<at>> gmail <<dot>> com with your username and address. I will reply to all of you after all winners have been announced! 

Giveaway winnings will be reserved for 42 days (let's say until April 1st, fools day. I PITY THE FOOL WHO DOES NOT CLAIM HIS PRIZE).

I will send out the masses of boxes as soon as all winners are announced! 

34 prizes gone, I still haven't won :( 

There is ONE more chance: The final winners will be announced this FRIDAY - as always at 2:42pm.
Good Luck! 

#28-32 Triple X? XXX!

On Games Workshop's 30th birthday these strictly limited dwarvish threesome came out. Beer, two axes and a shield - what more does one need?

Fun fact: These dwarves are a fully playable ARMY. That's right - they weigh in at 1000 points and - my 1000 point Ogres LOST against them. They are neigh indestructible... So if you want to win your next tournament... Here you go ;)

But of course, we want them painted in Showcase quality! Send us the pictures of your finished work and we will post it here ;)

So, who would be so lucky to win these?

Your lucky random numbers were: 23, 25, 38, 46 and 47. Free recommendation: Use them as lottery numbers!

So, Rafael Garcia Marin aka Volomir, mathieu, LeoChameleon and Dante - ready your brushes... ready... GO!

#33, 34 The Dream Video #1 - Steampunk Alice

This giveaway is one of my personal highlights. 

First of all, it was the first time we started to explain our revolution with a video. 

We have big plans for and and we are really excited that soon (tm) our first product will be ready to ship. Stay tuned for exciting 'upgrades' to the already known content of the DVD set. 

"Set your Phasers to 'Fun"
Dr. Sheldon Cooper

If you have missed the virst video, have a look and be blown away by the stunning Special FX and dozens of trained stand-ins in this Hollywood production, taken at minus 42 degrees in snowy Berlin City. It features myself in a Santa Claus costume.

Secondly, this giveaway gives you the chance to win something really special: "Steampunk Alice" by Sebastian Archer (Automaton) of Guild of Harmony

If you have not won, you can buy this awesome set here. Sebastian is a great painter and sculptor from 'down under' - which I have not met yet. I am looking forward to meeting him some day.

So, Tuffskull, you are a winner. I challenge you two in a fight man against ...well... woman in a battle-of-the-brushes (BoB, an invention of Skyle and myself) with Tatjana Jaeger. Make it gooood... Make it special.... Build a mind-blowing base... Make us all want this awesome miniature!

And maybe, just maybe, you want donate your work later to be represented in our upcoming secret Miniature Museum that we cannot tell anyone about yet... psssst.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

The final winners will be announced FRIDAY at 2:42 pm CET. 
Stay tuned!


  1. YES!!!!!! I won something!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!! :D :D :D

  2. Hey man!!! Thaaank you very much! I allways wanted to have this figure! But doing it half as good as the promo will be a hige challenge!!! Thank you!!!

  3. Yeah, I won.:-) I ' m loving this miniature so much and I will try to give it the best painting I can. Tuffskull - let's have a great brushwar :-)!


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