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Friday, February 22, 2013

Giveaway - Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Good morning everyone! 

Carmen didn't win, but we don't know
where she is either...
42 Giveaway winners - where are they?

First of all, thanks and congratulations to all of you who have sent me an email notifying me that you have won in our giveaways! 

So far, I received 18 mails from winners. Please note, that I have not replied yet, as I originally wanted to send out all notifications 'in one go'. 

However, there are still 23 winners missing! So if you have not seen this yet, please check whether you are one of the winners of our 42 giveaways! Carmen, where are you?

Here is the list of all winners again:
I would like to ask all the winners who have not yet sent me an email to do so at masterminis <<at>> gmail <<dot>> com .
Everyone who has already sent me an email - please be patient a little longer, I want to gather as many winners as I can as sending out 42 prizes will be a task I would like to 'streamline' as much as possible ;) Thank you for your understanding
Games Day Rumors Update
A lot of you are very interested in the Games Day Rumors (not only because you can win something in that thread).

With regards to rumors, we go some 'good' new ones from Germany: Although it is almost certain that the Games Day this year will NOT be held at the Gürzenich in Cologne, there are some strong signs that there WILL BE a Games Day / Golden Demon event at another venue. It could be in Dortmund or Bochum (both about an hour from Cologne). As soon as we get more news, we will of course share it with you. 
As far as Italy is concerned, there are currently no rumors or news that I know of. Well, there was talk about the venue changing as well, but nothing is clear enough yet as to speculate, what's going on there.
My email to Games Workshop has not been answered yet. I am still hopeful that we will receive some 'official word' on the dates and locations of the events. After all, we need to schedule our vacation, don't we ;) 
Well, for the time being this is all. As soon as I hear more news, you will post it here, immediately!



  1. Aah, the first two of you have already responded ;) Good, good... :D

  2. Do I need to email about winning a hoopy title?
    Also, I will happily put my hand up for any unclaimed prizes!

    1. No, you are right. The title winners don't need to send an email ;) I have not really thought about what I do if prizes are unclaimed... Hm...

      Suggestions? :D


    1. Its looking not so bad as far as I can tell... It will be the biggest pre-GD-Dinner in the History of Mankind.

  4. thats nice, rumours about rumours... wonder what's next ;) i feel something official had been nice at this point. well, at least i dont have to fear for my black reach box then. started to feel neglected here lol ;)

  5. hope GD keep on rockin in all contries!

  6. Already started my entry for GD Germany:) It's good to hear that it probably won't be cancelled:)

  7. according to google, the GD GERMANY will be in Bochum this year on the first of august.

    No offence to Bochum, but 'how cheap is GW?'. The Guerzenich was a superior location.

    Although I never attended the GD in the last years, I think cancelling such an event is maybe one of the most stupidest things GW could do. They should maybe rethink the whole GD concept if it is about getting people to go there.

  8. You should have got my email so hopefully I am on the 18 group.
    I am also hopping that the GD are not cancelled and that they will improve their golden daemon coverage of the events

  9. Thanks for the upadte on the giveaway.

    I'm trying my best to be patient...but I want that prize soo much! :p

    It would have been surprising if GW had answered so swiftly on such a serious matter.
    Hope the GD here in France will happen anyways.
    The last one was in October 2012 so we have time to see what eventually comes.

    Thanks again for what you do!


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