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Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Newsaper

Goooood Mooorning, Universe!!

Last week you told us, when you usually read the blog...

...and many said: First thing in the morning, during work or during breaks at work.

Homer just read - now for a coffee!
So chances are that you have a cup of steaming hot coffee in your hand right now! So let's raise our cups in triumph and celebrate the miniature hobby!


...who needs them. Read here what you may have missed on last week:

And don't forget to enter the drawings for two limited Dark Angels Codizes here and here by leaving a comment! Winning stuff? Now that's what I call a good way to start the week! DVD Set update

Many of you have already pre-ordered our first DVD Set: "Season 1.1 -Target Identified" on We are very grateful for this, as this enables us to plan more hoopy projects for the future. In fact so many of you have supported us, that we have decided to add 'some cool stuff' - which we will announce over the next couple of days. 

Thank you all so very much! 

So what can we offer in return? A little teaser, mayhaps? Would I ever tease? Me? Nooooo, NEVAR! :D

Let's just say, we decided to throw in a hoopy extra DVD into the box, in which Ben and Stephan show you something that was not previously planned... but psssst :D

And there is even more stuff to be added to the already advertized deal.... Expect some teaser pictures and some additional information  later this week. 

Events this week

Last but not least, don't forget that there will be three awesome events this weekend - if you got time, you should consider going! 

I only wished they would not hold three such high-class events on the same weekend. ;)

Have a great start of the week everybody, whereever you are! 



  1. Coffee? No, I read it with a cup of tea. That's the English way ;)

    1. Haha :) I was waiting for something like this ;)
      Tea will do ;)

    2. Tea??? OMG!

      Can I have your cup of coffee? :)

  2. Omg, Zaphod in Belgium. And me having a fully planned weekend already...
    How will I ever convince you of the truth of 27?


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