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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Events 2013 & Crystal Brush Update

Good morning everyone! 

Crystal Brush 2013
at Adepticon 2013
April 18-21st
First of all let me thank all of you who followed the call to help EMUSE (Enrique) to fly to Chicago to enter in the Crystal Brush in April. 
Only two days after we posted the call to the Bruddahood, EMUSE reached his $1300 goal, enabling him to go. Again, thank you all for sharing and supporting this project!
It did not stop at $1300! The first stretch-goal at 1500$ was taken shortly thereafter - which will get all of the supporters level C and above an additional Step-by-Step PDF of Enrique's next Golden Demon project! 
Right now the crowdfunding campaign is close to 2000$, with the next stretch goal - a high-quality, printed version of the three PDFs - just around the corner.

The second Crystal Brush Awards will be held April 21 2013 at AdeptiCon 2012 in Chicago. Venue details are availabe here:

Update: This is what EMUSE posted on his indiegogo Campaign moments ago: 

Enrique Velasco has posted an update

Third stretch goal!
If I reach $3200 all the contributors at LEVEL C and above will receive a printed portfolio with my best paint jobs.
OK, to recap..Imagine that I reach $3200…All the contributors at level C ($50) and above will have:
- The three printed tutorials (about 90 pages)
- One DVD tutorial in over two hours.
- One printed portfolio with my best paint works. (20 pages)

But wait, there's more!
Dozens of us meet at miniature events
such as the Duke of Bavaria 2012
Last year, I announced 2013 to be the 'Year of the Miniature' - and we have big plans here at to bring the world of miniature painting closer to you. 
Not only are we working hard to finalize our first 'revolutionary' DVD Instruction set from (we will announce some very cool bigger and better content of the already filled product box, soon!), but we also pledged to report from events all around the globe. 
So far, we have committed to report from a total of (at least) FIVE international events  by the end of April alone! 
As you probably already guessed, Adepticon / Crystal Brush 2013 will be one of them. 

The other four events we plan to travel to in the next two-and-a-half months are: 
- Tactica (Hamburg, Germany)
- Painting Crusade (Brussels, Belgium)
- Herzog von Bayern (Ingolstadt, Germany)
If you know of an event that you think we should travel to, let us know in the comments! If the schedule allows it, we will go ;)
Status of Games Days 2013: UNKNOWN
Games Day Coverage 2013

Currently, there are a lot of rumors about the Games Days worldwide - ranging from cancellation of events (France) to different venues (Italy, Germany). Even GW staff does not know what is going to happen. As painters, gamers and hobbyists we can only hope that GW decides wisely and does not drop these events which are so important for the miniature painter and gaming scene. 

We plan to visit and enter in most  Golden Demon Events in 2013 - and as soon as we know what's going on, we will let you know!


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