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Monday, February 11, 2013

42 REVOLUTIONARY Giveaways: Winners 23-27

Another great Monday continues... 

...with winners 23-27 of our 42 REVOLUTIONARY Giveaways ^^

For those of you who only read the first few lines of every post: Currently, there are two active giveaways: here and here! You can win one of two copies of the Limited Dark Angels Codex (limited to 2000 worldwide!) Good luck!

Reminder on how all of this works: 

42? No, Error 37! Diablo!
All winners were drawn using I generated a number, looked at the post and - if it was a 'valid' post, the winner was drawn. If it was invalid (e.g., an invalid answer was given to a specific question or I drew myself), I just rinsed and repeated ;) 

If you have won, please send me an email to masterminis <<at>> gmail <<dot>> com with your username and address. I will reply to all of you after all winners have been announced! 

Giveaway winnings will be reserved for 42 days (let's say until April 1st, fools day. I PITY THE FOOL WHO DOES NOT CLAIM HIS PRICE).

I will send out the masses of boxes as soon as all winners are announced! 

Boooo, I still have not won anything!

Your rabbit's foot on fire yet? Giveaway winners #28-35 will be announced on WEDNESDAY at 2:42pm. Good luck to you!

And here they are, winners 23-27: 


On this one, I really don't know if I should congratulate the winner or not... Its fun - I dare you to listen to both CDs in ONE session ;) 

If anything its a cult item that every SCI-FI fan MUST have ;)

Here again, the captain's rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody"

"Do you think we're alone?"
"There must be something out there"
"Holy Sh...atner!"

Well, zweischneid, I don't know if this is the prize you were waiting for, but... its yours! Enjoy!

#24 Horus Heresy Board Game
Horus Heresy Review on the HogsOfWar 

This giveaway took the longest time of them all to determine a winner... Why? Well, the rules said that a) you had to create your own misspelled revolutionary slogan and b) have entered EVERY giveaway... So I selected a winner... Checked all posts... Didn't find him everywhere... selected a new winner... checked... and so on... 

Turns out: NOONE has entered ALL competitions (although some of you came really close)... 

So sadly I have to say this: Zaphod Beeblebrox is the no-winner. I am so happy, I won my own competiton :P I am looking forward to playing the game with some of my friends (and now I finally can open the box!).

Maybe we will film / stream the game as some sort of compensation!

#25 - Pink Floyd Pulse CD

Something old, something new, something blinky, something blue... or something along those lines...

In this giveaway you could win my precious Pink Floyd "Pulse" CD - with a currently still depleted blinky flashy light thingy. ^^ 

Also, the winner gets to chose his personal revolutionary number (over 42) 

skywatcher, please chose your number, because...

YOU are the chosen one!  

You also came close to entering most (unfortunately not all) giveaways from everything I can tell, so I am happy you are a winner, too! Thanks for entering so many giveaways!

#26 - The Hobbit Rulebook

I almost won something again... Seems to be my lucky day... came up with a number corresponding to my own post... ...But NO! 

I must not vin ze book! So I 'rolled' again. And Matt Cexwish, slayer sword winning miniature painter extraordinaire, came out as the winner - in true 'gypsy style' as always :D

Now this is one prize that I will save postage & shipping on. Come on Matt, pick up your prize!

#27 - Limited Edition The Hobbit starter set "Escape from Goblin Town"

At the highest level of REVOLUTIONARY crazyness we gave away this starter set: "Escape from Goblin Town". 

I have been so busy lately, that I have not even seen the movie... But I must! Some day... Keep the theatres open for me! :) 

A lot of people wanted this box. I guess mostly because of Radagast, the limited mini in it. But as so often in life, there can only be one. 

Bastian, you are the ONE! #6 was your lucky number out of 49 in the drawing ;)

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!

The next winners will be announced WEDNESDAY at 2:42 pm CET. 


  1. Congratulations to all winners.
    ...hope to be a lucky one too someday



    Wait, wat...?... No Miniatures? A Hobbit Rulebook? :D... Oh... Well... close enough....:D... THANKS, Big Z! :D... I will keep it in Honour and read it all through, I swear...:D...

    Hahahaha... Nice one!



  3. Woohoo! Zaphod's week of happiness continues! Congrats to all the winners!


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