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Friday, February 22, 2013

Games Day Germany announced? I don't think so.

I got contacted by three international sources tonight, asking me what I knew about the Games Day 2013 in Germany being held in Bochum on August 1st .

We do not believe this 'news' is true. Please read below for why that is.

Greetings beings, 

Good news? Or some... well... WEIRD news... 

Even Mortarion is like
Some international painters asked me whether I knew that the Games Day 2013 Germany had been announced. Check here for GW's official FB event. I did not know about it and checked it out. It looked like an 'official announcement'... BUT... wait.... wuttwutt?

Some weird stuff. 

The date set in the post was set for August 1st, 2013. Thursday? Wuttwutt? That can't be right...

It gets even weirder...

The news has been posted on GW Bochum's STORE homepage. The address of the event is Bochum's STORE in a mall-like setting (which knowing other stores 'seats' or rather 'stands' about 20).

So - unless the ONE rumor I thought could not possibly true is true,
I don't think that this FB page is the 'official Games Day' Site

(The rumor I discounted for Germany was that Games Workshop replaces the Games Day with In-Store-Competitions like rumored for  some other countries. If this really was what GW has in mind to replace the real GD.... I would be presidentially flabberghasted. LOLWUT² So, I don't believe it.) 


Right now I am still confused as to why this FB page all of a sudden bubbled up to the top of the rumor list. 

The event was created by the Bochum store on August 14th 2012. There is no additional information to the FB event posted anywhere. In the German Text on the bottom someone comments on a 'Bus Trip' to the Games Day. 

As Talarion commented below, it is highly unlikely that this is the 'real thing'. He also thinks that this is just an 'early planning' of this year's bus trip to GD Germany (which we still don't know if, when or where will take place)

Recently, there are so many rumors about Games Day Germany in connection with "Bochum" as a hosting city that I think some people just googled for "Games Day 2013 Bochum" and found the 'official' GW FB page from the Bochum store.

To all international painters

There are a lot of international painters already on the list that have 'joined' the event - but I personally doubt that either DATE or LOCATION are correct. Just to be absolutely sure, I have left a comment asking for clarification on the GW Bochum FB page. I bet my third arm its just 'a bus trip'.

I think the core problem here is that there is absolutely no information from Games Workshop as of yet. No dates. No locations. Only rumors and confused customers and fans. I hope we can somehow get clarification, soon.

This and additional (unconfirmed) rumors from other countries make the rumor mill turn at maximum speed: 

Spanish GD and France GD have allegedly been replaced with in-store-events labeled 'Games Day'. Maybe someone from Spain and France could confirm this?  

And another thought came up: 

In Australia it is/used to be that there were some 'pre-GD' selections in the stores. Can someone from Australia post a comment about how that worked? Maybe that is the pattern for european GDs now - with a big finale in UK? This is not even a rumor - just a random thought. 

So again, if you are an international painter - wait with any bookings or ticket purchases. There are clear signs that this is not even worth to be considered a rumor. More a miscommunication/misunderstanding!



  1. Uuuuuhm..

    yeah now i got ti.. uhm, no srsly i don´t!

    What the?

  2. Wow...that's....really, really, REALLY strange news...o_O

  3. Yeah, I think it's 'fishy' - the event was created on August 14th 2012 by GW Bochum store staff. I am almost certain that this is NOT about what we think it is about...

  4. This is from the Toronto Shop's list of events in Canada:

    Games Day 2013
    Sat, 27 Jul 2013 - Sat, 27 Jul 2013

    Mind you, we haven't had a GD in Canada since they moved all of North America's operations to Memphis -_-

    In store GDs? ~sigh~ At this point, I'll take what I can get.

  5. really strange news...As more news there are, as more sure am I to go to the international figure show in Kulmbach instead of the GD

  6. Yeah, some international painters contacted me with the 'official GW site' for GD Germany. I just don't think that this is really true. Any of that. Neither the date nor the posted location makes any sense to me...

    Over 120 people have already 'signed up' for the event - among which are many international painters. I hope noone is buying travel tickets yet!
    I left a comment on the GW Bochum Store FB page asking for verification.

    But I think GW Germany is to blame - why can't they just tell us what the actual status is? Even a "We don't know yet" would suffice. I guess the rumor mill has to turn wildly before we know what is really going on.

  7. Some say it is only a page to organize their annual bus trip to Cologne.

    Because they didn't know the exact date für GD 2013 in 2012, they temporary wrote "1st August 2013", until further information. They always plan this far in advance.

    Nothing more.

    1. Yupp, that's what I think, too. I guess a lot of people heard rumors about Bochum being the new venue, searched for "Games Day Bochum 2013" and found the page, well, announcing the Games Day... I can see how the confusion started. ^^

    2. To further back my theory up, just read one of the first posts in 2012 - Quote:

      "Wie in diesem Jahr werden wir auch im nächsten Jahr einen Bus organisieren ... der Plan, den Games Day mit unserer Anwesenheit zu überschwemmen ... nein, eigentlich wollen wir uns eine schöne Zeit machen und für jeden der sich allein nicht traut und der sich einer sicheren und wunderbaren Gemeinschaft anschließen will darf ... also ... wer zuerst kommt usw."

    3. Yeah, I did read this comment earlier. I will update the information above so its easier to 'digest' ;)

  8. Hi, I am from Australia, and I can explain briefly how GD used to work down under.

    The Golden Demon competition was split into 3 rounds. each round had a different purpose. There was a waiting time of weeks between the rounds so that all entries could be transported to the next round location. They were either be taken in person to the next round, (if you cared about your entry!), or usually taken by a staff member in a GW carry case (terrible idea!). As far as I remember the second round was about two weeks after the initial round, then about a month between the second and final round.

    1. The first round called the 'Local' Round which, was entering at your local GW store. Each category would be judged by a staff member of that shop and the top three entries were then chosen to be sent to the next round. Usually from experience watching them judge this. Most categories were never fully represented. Leaving pretty much only the 'Single' categories to be actually judged, as they are the most popular. Also I assume that most of you can figure out that just say 3 or more good painters go to the same store. that leaves pretty much no chance for anyone else to get through to the next round!

    2. The second round was called the 'Regional' Round. This was held at a larger GW store that would probably be held in a main city. Here in Oz we have different states, so we just had one store from each state, but it can work just the same with major cities in Europe. Ok, so this round was another 'Top 3' round, with every category judged and the three best entries would then be sent to the finals. Again from my experience this round was when the most problems occurred. Obviously there would be some really amazing entries that would then never have a chance at a trophy because they never made it to the finals to be judged! And most of the time the judging was done by one (maybe 2 if lucky) staff members, who had no formal training or experience in judging Golden Demon, so personal preferences for miniatures and painting styles was evident with what the store judges liked. Most of the time there would be about 7-10 nice entries in most categories, and so some would be left behind at this point. Again, the same thing occurred that if you had some super amazing painters that both made it to this round. It would usually be the same people winning spots in the final round, over and over again, leaving not many spots for up and coming painters.

    3. The third round was called the 'Finals' or 'Golden Demon Weekend'. This was the final round, where the trophies were handed out! On store was chosen, usually the biggest GW store in the country and in the capital city, to be where the Golden Demon would be held. What would happen is that entries needed to be handed in before the day of judging, so that they were in the cabinets and ready to be judged on the day. So this was the usual Golden Demon judging, but instead of going through a lot of the entries to find a winner in a category, that had been done for you. so you were left with pre-chosen finalists that you just needed to chose Gold, Silver, Bronze, from... There were multiple experienced judges and photos taken etc... what you would normally see at a GD. Any entries that made it to this round were deemed finalists and pins handed out, and then the subsequent winners were chosen. This went on throughout the day judging each category, until the big announcement, usually around 3 or 4pm, of all the winners and the Sword. The awards ceremony was the same as at any GD, but instead of a stage to get up and receive your award, it was in a GW store... Also because of the rounds system and the option of being able to get someone else to transport your entry on your behalf, this led to not all of the winners showing up on the day to collect the award, and here in Oz, one year the Slayer Sword winner didn't turn up! It looks very poor when there is no-one getting up to claim the award and you are clapping for nobody! Also, why it was called a 'Golden Demon Weekend', was that it was available to view all the finalists all weekend at that store. But, as people's lives are busy painters cant simply just wait around a whole day to get their models, so what ended up happening was that the winning entries would end up being taken right after the event and the next day after judging, which was dubbed the 'Viewing Day' there were no entries left to see as all the painters had gone home with their entries!

    4. The most important thing I feel, is that the competition was all about just the winning, and not about the painting community. Painters were not required to be there, so this led to not being able to catch up with old friends, and because it was in a GW store, there were no events, like speed painting etc to keep you entertained. Also, it was not that exciting winning a trophy in front of a crowd of maybe 20 or 30 people, like it is standing on stage in front of a whole Games Day cheering!

      TOO LONG DIDN'T READ??? The GD was split into 3 rounds. Each round was a way to choose the best entries to go through to the finals. There was about 6 weeks between entering and the trophies handed out. Because of this not everyone showed up at get their trophies, and because of the long wait between rounds, it was impossible for international guests to enter. This led to a really boring competition. Not a decline in quality of entries, just a hollow event that not everyone attended.

  9. "TOO LONG DIDN´T READ???"... Are you a Wizard, Harry...:D...?... Love that Guy!

    Sounds horrible, though and makes perfect sense marketingwise... Will write a personal sum up about those rumors, I am really sad about them and think that a lot of that is true...

  10. Hey KyleM - thanks so much for the information! I will link your comments in Sunday's posts.

  11. That all sounds a bit weird. the tendency in the UK seems to be to drive veterans away from the stores and focus them on recruiting new players. Our local store has forbidden people to paint in store and stopped having veterans nights with full tables available. So changing the events to store sounds a bit weird in my opinion


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