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Thursday, February 7, 2013


And we start with something spectacular. REALLY spectacular. So spectecular that - as announced in the Giveaway rules - I actually give the winner the chance to allow us to keep it! #7...

And since we turn the world upside down (and want to force you to read through to the end of this blog, we START at the END today... giveaways 12 through 7 ;) ooooh, we so evil).

#10 - 14 - A pimpin' title

You might say "I won at and all I got was a pimpin' title'. But does a pimpin' title not cut deeper than a blade? :D

Let me explain what is up with this. In our upcoming and very secret, hoopy future website, users can earn and collect titles. Only very special people will get equally special titles. 'Pimpin' titles. We are already working on the site and expect it to go live within the next 42 weeks (now that's a safe estimate, and a very hoopy one).The site is not up yet, but fret not - as soon as titles are activated, you will be the first to know! 

So some of you opted to have a chance to choose their own, personal title. And will probably flash it in front of everyone else for all eternity now... 

Sooo. 5 titles... Hard to choose... Hm... They were all pretty good...

- my hoopy Australien friend Shane (who already has the title "REVOLUTIONARY #7" gets his title "Crippled Bristle". He is an amazingly together, hoopy frood who REALLY seems to know where his towel is. You might also want to check and like his new FB page. He is the first double-pimper.

- "Dawn of Revolution" Simply had to chose this one. Dawn aka Tatjana Jaeger... Here's your title ;)

- Jonas Bauwens, who honestly told me stuff he did NOT like about my crazy giveaways gets his "Proclaimer of 27". We all know he is very mistaken as the Answer to Life, the Universe and EVERYTHING is 42. But we welcome believers of all minority numbers in our midst, no matter how wrong they might be :D

- Michael Heun will receive his coveted "Slave of Paint". I know some of Michael's personal background and I think this title is rather fitting ;) He is a real enthusiast.

And last but not least..... Oooh, this is difficult. 

- OK. I love computer games. Lately, I have been known to play WarZ and HAWKEN for a maximum of like 6, maybe 7 minutes A WEEK... And sackratte helps us keep the Zombie Population down. So he shall henceforth be known as the "Survivor of the Apocalypse". 

Now since it may be unfair that I put my personal connection to people into this last one, I will hand out two extra titles ;)

- Plebicidal will be known as Plebicidal. This will look funky when the title function is finally implemented. And funky is almost as good as pimpin'. He was the only one that chose the same title as his online name. I respect that kind of commitment.

- And I think everyone would have a beer or two with a guy who calls himself "Mr Mongo". dogfacedboyuk2, your wish is my command.

#9 The MEME Galactic Freedom Special Super Mystery Prize (or something along those lines)

This one really made me LOL. Big time: 

True story, bro! Or sis. The mail was just from someone called 'Karin'. So let me know who you are!

Your prize? An authentic piece of the Berlin Wall from our new 'home' - the city of Berlin!
Chosen from MILLIONS of different pieces, this is the BEST one. Great color contrast - yellow-orange-red next to a dark green! 

The trouble I had to go through to bring The Wall down just to get to this piece... Years of scheming and dabbling in politics... Well, you know the story. ;)

#8 - Don't press this button giveaway

Well, first of all let me show you this: This giveaway has turned into the most stylish of all of the giveaways. I think it speaks for itself: 

42 comments. The winner should feel extraordinarily hoopy.

42 comments :) Little things like this make my day. Srsly.

So I had to find something TRULY HOOPY for the winner... Using 

And then this happened: oO

21 is only half the truth.

And then then this happened: oO WTF Oo

The 21st poster was quix42. *single tear of joy*

So this is the special price I litterally handpicked just for you - presman style! Now that I know they exist, I need to CATCH THEM ALL for myself! :D

Congratulations, quix42, this Mint-Mini-Zaphod will be in the mail, soon! You will also receive several million points out of 10 for style.

Even Quentin Tarentino could not have scripted a more fitting build-up for #7...

#7 - ULTRA-RARE Black-Library limited edition Collector's Sword

The sword. Valuable. Precious. Really shiny.

As a reminder, here are the rules for the winner: You get a question, an answer and a choice!

1) You have to ask me a question. Any question. I will try to answer it as truthfully and detailed as possible (So, please no: "what's your favorite color?") I dabble in Quantum Physics, Astronomy and Philosophy, so give it your best shot :D

Slayer Sword causes paper cut. Unknown Source.
2) You have the choice to waive the right to the sword.

WHAAAAT? Who in a sane mind would NOT want "ze soooort"? :D The idea to this giveaway came to me, when I saw the first 'Slayer Sword' from Games Day Japan in 2012. Origami Style.

So what would one win, if one rejected the sword...
  • Over the next years, we plan to build up a collection for a miniature museum here in Berlin. Yes, you read this correctly. A MINIATURE MUSEUM. 
  • The sword would be on permant display and the owner could come and visit and hold it as often as he or she likes.
  • Next to the sword we would display a picture of the winner, some of his or her favorite miniatures and a short bio with anything you like on it: Blog-address, website-address, comission charges, pictures from your latest beach-holiday, you know from the one night where you had one too many of them Magaritas...
Basically you have to choose between eternal fame plus a bag of karma vs. shiny thangs :D

Of course we would not think less of anyone if he/she wanted the swooooord :D We all love swords ;) And I would want it too :P

The lucky guy, who came in a cut above the rest in this giveaway is: Martin Grondei

I am very happy for you *single tear* :D

Congratulations to all winners - and to all the not-quite-winners-yet guys and gals out there: We are only 25% through with our giveaways! 

The next winners will be announced tomorrow at the same time ;) 2:42 pm CET.


  1. lolol Thanks for the titles mate, also for the link to my page. You humble this cripple who seems to of lost this so called towel. Also thanks to any who like the page and follow my painting both personal and commisioned :D

  2. Once again congratulations to the winners! The happiness continues to spread across the mini world!

  3. Mr Mongo pick Michael off floor and crush Michael with big hug! Hur, Hur, Hur.....

  4. Yeah, I'm Dawn of Revolution now :-). That's ALL I ever wanted :-). Do I still have to go to work tomorrow?

    1. No you do not have to.
      But they don't have to pay you then, either... ^^

  5. jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Thanks alot Brother, thats really awesome wooohooooo

    bow _o_ _o_


  6. I shall wear Proclaimer of 27 with pride!
    And I will keep tryin gto convince you of my belief!

  7. Ich brech ja ab ... das Schwert - unglaublich!!!


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