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Friday, February 8, 2013


#15 - A limited 'an unexpected journey' box from Games Workshop

Some of the winners I drew randomly using caused me to feel a little guilty. 

Why? Because some of them are my close personal friends and I did not want anyone to feel like there is some sort of favoritism and bending of the rules is going on...

Then I realized that I probably met about 42% of the 440+ followers in person and consider many of them among as my friends... So please let me reassure you, that all prizes were drawn applying intricate techniques that do not leave a bitter aftertaste in your frontal lobe's neurons. ^^

So, having said that, I am happy to tell you that my good friend Skyle is now the proud owner of a limited 'An Unexpected Journey' Box from Games Workshop. Hey, pick it up, Andre, so I can save P&P :D

#Unlabled Free Giveaway - "Post your Blog"

I would like to share these blogs with you - check em out! I recommend Google Reader or something along those lines to follow as many blogs as you can find comfortably and at the click of ONE button! 

#16-17: 2x OOP Games Workshop

Ooooh, another big giveaway. Biiiig Bam-Badabum! These boxes are REALLY valuable and sought after... 

So without further ado, Malthus is one happy camper today :) This was his winning entry ('What's your favorite number'): 

The Japanese would have a word or two for you as "four" is "SHI" - the same sound as the word for death ;) Its the ultimate unlucky number, but I think you just have proven the theory faulty. 

The second way of winning was by sending in a picture with the number 42 on it somewhere. 

And this is the winning entry: 

This was titled "Hidden" - and I like to think children already know The Answer. :D

Markus, I don't know what your handle here on Blogspot is, but send me an email to claim your awesome box full of WIN! SPACE HULK!

#18-22 - Pete Stark's Rock CD - pending -

Well, this giveaway causes some problems. The CDs I ordered from Aussie webstore CDBABY have never arrived. I am investigating what's going on here, probably (like about 20% of all packages sent to me), the delivery service was too lazy to actually find my apartment. It happened again today with a delivery via DHL...

I will draw the winners as soon as I know what's going on...

In the meantime I would like to recommend that you check out Aussie Rocker Pete Stark's Youtube-Page and like him on his FB Page (only if you like good rock, of course :D).

This is the video that brought me in contact with him - it is one of my favorite songs from when I was a widdle boy - it pushed me into Sci-Fi without even understanding the lyrics (at first)

So please stay tuned - I hope not all is lost :( 

Congratulations to all winners - and to all the not-quite-winners-yet guys and gals out there: We are barely half way through with our giveaways! 

All prizes need to be claimed by April 1st, fools! Read how to contact me in the first winner announcement post (and have a chance to win again... geeez).

The next winners will be announced Monday at the same time ;) 2:42 pm CET.


  1. Congratulations from Dawn of Revolution :-).

  2. Why am I not surprised the Chinese don't like the number 4...well after all it is only half of 8. ;)
    I've also always associated this number with black...which is my favorite(absence of) color...I'm having trouble believing I actually won this...please pinch me!

    1. I got so excited I couldn't tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese. BTW Chinese word for four is also "SHI" and also perceived an unlucky in chinese culture because homophonus with death. FYI the number 8 (BA) sounds similar to the word which means "prosper"...and therefore is perceived as the luckiest by the Chinese.
      Waiting impatiently for your email response!

  3. Bazinga! I won! :-)

    My email is already on it's way. The question remains to keep it mint or start another of my million painting projects :D.

    Best regards,

    Marcus aka Grumbler

    1. Ooooh, I tried to make it so that you don't win :D
      So you snuck in an 'anonymous' email ftw! :P

      Awesome ;)

  4. Oh and thank you for following my blog!

    I'll surely be doing something special about the prize on it: (shameless plug)

    Probably a showcase of the painted models...cant wait!

    Thank you for what you do!


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