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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting Crusade, Brussels

Painting Crusade, Brussels
Feb 23-24, 2012

This page will be updated frequently in the next couple of days. You can find it in the Events 2013 tab in the site menu
(along with links to all of the other event reports.

Official Painting Crusade Video by

This last weekend, the Painting Crusade X 2013 - with X for its 10th (!) year - took place. Among miniature painters, this event is one of the top events in Europe. Not only will you be able to drool over the works of some of the most talented painters in the world, but you can meet them, talk to them and even PAINT with them! 

I would definitely recommend that you follow the PaintingCrusade on Facebook so you do not miss out on next year's event!

The only two things I did not like about this years event were this: 
First, I did not get to go, because I am too busy with our DVD sets right now. Secondly, the Painting Crusade was on the same weekend as Lugdunum, Lyons and Hamburg's Tactica...

Here are some links to pictures, videos and report from this awesome event. Please check back frequently, as I will update this as soon as I get new links. You can find this event in the Event 2013 menu tab for future reference.

If you have a blog/album/video about the event and would like it listed on this site, please drop me a comment below and I will add it :) 

Will you be 43? 44? Over 9000? :D


  1. I have just put my YouTube video online:

    Full report with pictures will come soon. Feel free to replace the link to my blog which you already have, there's not much content in that post :)

    Take care!


    1. Hey Gerrie! Thanks - vid will be added now ;) Hit me with your link to the report as soon as you got it!

      And everyone else: Subscribe to Corvus!

  2. Full event coverage is online:

    Thanks for sharing!!


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