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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Support EMUSE to go to the Crystal Brush in Chicago!

This is important guys!

FINALLY a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign that I feel is what those crowdraising platforms SHOULD be all about. 

More at EMUSE's site!
This time its not about a big company draining the market dry with multi-million fundraisers that may or may not be delivered a year later, but it is about someone with a vision, with a cause and with skill and passion.

I am talking about EMUSE - an amazingly talented and insanely productive painter from Madrid, Spain. (Check out his blog)

EMUSE wants to participate in the Crystal Brush in Chicago. Some of my yet undisclosed friends and myself will be there, too. As you may have read in my report from the Hussar 2012, Nakatan will be there, too! It is going to be AWESOME. 

And since I really would love to meet EMUSE and see his work live and in color ^^, I supported his campaign by buying the 150$ pledge - and it will get me to visit Madrid later this year for a workshop! Find out what you will receive for the different pledge levels - I think it is awesome value for a good cause.

Here is his indiegogo campaign with all the details. 

I need a crystal brush, too, I think... My hair is growing out of control... Why did I make the committment to NOT cut may hair until we ship the first DVD set... 

and... Please SHARE (and enjoy ^^)

Its like a presidential decree, you know...

And don't forget that we will be REPORTING LIVE from the Adepticon / Crystal Brush 2013  from my old 'stomping ground' - the western burbs of Chick-a-goo!



Update: Enrique just contacted me. Please note that the comment "ONLY SPAIN" on pledge C means 'Only in Spanish' as Enrique explained to me that his English is not good enough to give classes. I will still keep my pledge and not withdraw it (as he had offered me), because I really want to support him on his mission. So if you understand Spanish, C is still the way to go for you! Maybe I could go with you then :D


  1. Nice use of crowd sourcing!
    Happy backed.. thanks for sharing :)

  2. He draws ever la revolution!

  3. Almost there! 1131$
    There are stretchgoals at 1500$ and 2500$ that everyone above (and including) supporter Level C will receive. Awesome Sauce!

  4. Thank you very much for your gratitude!!

    Zaphod, I need to talk with you about private tutoring. Contact me at emusestudio(dot)gmail(dot)com


  5. Aaaaand EMUSE is going! Thanks to everyone who has supported him - and continues to do so!

    There are awesome stretch goals at 1500$ and 2300$, check out his indiegogo campaign!

  6. And another update! Enrique just took the first Stretch Goal of 1500$ - that means all supporters will receive a step-by-step Golden Demon Entry PDF!

    Next stretchgoal: 2300$ - everyone gets a high-quality print-out of all the PDFs! Go go indiegogo!


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