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Friday, February 8, 2013

Introducing: The Weekend Workshops

What a relief! *phew*

I can finally get this secret of my chest as both John Harrison (Darkmessiah) from Platoon Britannica and Rafael García Marín (Volomir) told me a secret of truly international scale. 

A secret... 
Oh, the agony! :D

John "Darkmessiah" Harrison
Platoon Britannica, CMON, FB
No, seriously, John told me about his new and upcoming Workshop site a few days ago and I checked out their site when it was still a new-born baby which could hardly speak HTML 5 fluently or controll its css.

And a few days later, Volomir told me about 'going to Liverpool' for a weekend to 'visit' a workshop. 

Even the Galactic President could connect those dots ;) 

So I am happy to announce The Weekend Workshop, a stylish new site about workshops that take place, errr... on weekends, I presume... :D If you want to see all of the guys from T-DoubleDoubleU (haha, my creation), check out their brand new Facebook Page! While you are there you might press the 'Like' Button.

"Volomir" Rafa Garcia Marin
Spanish Team
Now who might be holding the next workshop? You guessed it right as your attention span is clearly OVER 42 seconds if you still follow this blog...

None other but VOLOMIR himself. He is not only one of my favorite painters, but also one of the nicest guys you can find in the miniature community. He is not only much more skilled than me, but also much better looking. I really, really hate... er... like him :D (Volomir's Blog, CMON)

So how much better is he than me? Well... He won ten times as many demons in four times as many countries as me. I have won one measly demon. You do the math. :D

A Charity True Scale Marine
Someone overbid me at the
last second. How naughty!
Here is a short exerpt from the detailed announcements on The Weekend Workshop' site: 

"Rafa will be teaching the secrets of contrast and colour theory over the course of 2 days, he will take you step by step through the ideas and theory of contrast and colour, he will demonstrate those ideas using the free miniature you will receive and you will then get to take those new skills and apply them to your own miniature under Rafa’s Guidance. It is with no exaggeration that I say that the skills and knowledge you will acquire aren’t being taught any where else in the UK and are limited to very few people within the sci fi and fantasy miniature painting community."

The Weekend Workshop

The workshop will take place on MARCH 23rd/24th at "Scythe and Teacup" (61A Kempton Street, Liverpool L3 8HE). Seats are limited and cost is only 85 quid. Not squid, kids: Quid. Thats like Bri'ish slang for like Her Magesty's favorite currency "da Pound".

AND NOW I AM FRIGGING EXCITED! Look at the map! ISLINGTON! That's where Arthur Dent's house was! I mean, right before the planet was destroyed by Vogons to make room for a hyperspace bypass! OMG. Now I regret even more that I cannot go... *sob uncontrollably* I hope that this is just 'a' Islington, not THE Islington...

Where is my towel.... *sniff*

Have a few pints and a few bags of peanuts for me - at lunchtime! Muscle relaxant, baby!


P.S.: If you can't go to this awesome workshop, you know how you feel. Imagine how EMUSE feels if he can't go to Chicago to participate in the Crystal Brush 2013! 


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