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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lugdunum 2013

Lugdunum 2013, Lyon
Feb 23-24, 2012

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SgtTab's Youtube Video Lugdunum 2013

This last weekend, parallel to the Tactica in Hamburg and the Painting Crusade in Brussels, Lugdunum 2013 took place. We did not get to go, but of course we will assemble all of the information we can find for you, so you can be inspired by what seems to be an absolutely highest standard of painting event.

In spite of snow and bad weather many painters found their way to the show and 623 individual entries were assembled. With the standard being rather high, the judges surely did not have it easy ;) Nevertheless, they came up with the winners: 

  • Best of Medusa Painting Challenge: Bruno LAVALLEE (Jourdan Limoges)
  • Best of History Malerei: Jean-Luc Großhändler für (Jourdan Limoges)
  • Best of Fantastische Malerei: Murelli Matteo (Italien)
Here are some links to pictures, videos and report from this awesome event. Please check back frequently, as I will update this as soon as I get new links. You can find this event in the Event 2013 menu tab for future reference.
This page will be updated as soon as we get new pics/vids/blogs about the event  



    A gallery of pictures we took

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