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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Games Day Rumors / Games Day US Information

Greetings my most excellent nerds! 

With all of the rumors we have discussed lately, I would like to point out some verifiable facts that might be interesting to all of you who consider visiting Games Day US this year. 

But first, the rumors: 

I had sent Games Workshop an email requesting confirmation on the Games Day dates. 
"Dear Sirs, 
Recently, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding international Games Day / Golden Demons events. 
Rumor has it that the Games Day Spain and France have been cancelled. The status of Germany and Italy are currently said to be uncertain.
We also 'heard' that the US, UK, Japan and Australia Games Days are still scheduled to be held in 2013. 
We were wondering if you could confirm the 2013 Games Day event schedule with dates and locations, as many of our blog's readers would like to visit one or more events this year. Our blog at has around 40,000 visitors a month and we would appreciate a reply. 
Thank you in advance for your much anticipated response.
Best regards and happy painting, "
This was the response I got two days later: 
"Hi Michael
Thanks for the email, at the current time we do not have a confirmed date for Games Day 2013, we usually announce the date around April time. As such we would recommend checking the website and White Dwarf around this time for the confirmed date and information.
We hope this helps and apologise we could not provide a exact date.
I was positively surprised that I got an anwer so quickly. Unfortunately, the email does not really answer anything. I feel like this response only refers to Games Day UK which, traditionally, has been announced around April every year. 

So I sent another email, but so far got no answer.
"Hey xxxx, 
thank you for your response. 
Just to clarify: We are not inquiring about the GD UK, but rather about Germany, Japan and Italy. It is our understanding that Spain, France and Australia have been cancelled. 
Can you confirm any of this?
Kind regards, "
Again, so far no response. I will keep you posted as soon as I get an answer. If you would like to read up on all of the rumors, find everything here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Games Day US

Some interesting news about the Games Day 2013 for the US. It is NOT going to be in Chicago, as most of you might expect, but it will be in Memphis, Tennessee! YEEEEHAAAAAW!

The Games Day US 2013 will be held on July 27th, 2013. 

Now for me this is exciting - I have travelled through US 26 states so far, including Tennessee, but NEVER made it to Memphis. So I am really looking forward to this event and hope I have a chance of going there. 

Here is the official GW Site about this event.

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  1. I guess for the americans it is great, bit I would bet, that it is way to far for most of the europeans.... I'm really curious about the actual situation...

    1. I feel like GW's wall of silence really prohibits customers from getting involved in the company. Aside from getting to know your local GW staff, which by itself is getting harder with the no play space stores, you really have no access to any of the rules makers and heads to voice opinions of the changes they make. Making games in a vacuum is a nice happy place to be until the bubble pops and you realize you've lost alot of fans.

  2. Excellent news!! I will have to see if I can fit that in my schedule.

    1. Ouch, a 13 hour drive, not sure this one is in the cards either, tho Memphis is a much more attractive destination for a longer trip than Chicago.

  3. Dear Mr.President,

    should I happen to accompany you to said event, will you buy me a cowboy hat?

    Cheers, Mati

  4. well although they very surprisingly didnt answer your question, it doesnt sound all pitch black. there's still hope!

  5. Have we not known the GD US would be in Memphis for months now? I'm pretty sure there was an official announcement back in September last year.


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