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Monday, February 11, 2013

Summary Week 6 -

Goooood Mondaaaaaay, Universe!!

When do miniature painters have time to surf the Internet?

Fridays? Saturdays? Sundays? 

Far from it: 

The weekend is when the miniature painters paint, play games, watch movies, go out or have all kinds of other fun ways to spend their time.

Workdays are the 'busy' day of the week for Specifically, monday morning, right after the drudgery of the workweek started. 

There are a few 'peak times' - and I attribute them to people being at work. The following observations are true for both Europe and the US timezones (and probably other countries to).

  • The first peak is between 6 and 7 am. People got up, they drink their coffee and check the web for what's new. 
  • The second peak is around 9-10am. People have gotten to work, read their emails and need to catch a short break from the still early workday
  • The third peak is around noon, for pretty much the same reason. 
  • And the last peak is between 4 and 5pm, when people need to kill time before they can finally go home again to live.
This pattern is true from Monday through Friday. Friday afternoon is when it starts to get quiet(er). 

On average, weekdays get between 1750-4000 views a day (4000 was the peak after events such as Games Day coverages and other painting events). Weekends get around 800-1750 views a day.

Monday is a day for winners - YOU!

Free stuff is free, dude!
So if you are at work now, reading this, just drop me a comment below. - when do you usually read this blog? You can even win something! Today we give away another Limited Dark Angels Codex from Games Workshop. These codices were limited to 2000 worldwide and are highly sought after. And what's better than shelling out 70€ for a limited codex? Right - snatching it for free! :) I love giving stuff away. Expensive hobby, by the way :D

And if you were on vacation last week, here is a short summary of the posts you have missed while you were not at work. So grab a coffee, kick back and 'gather strength' for the rest of the day: ^^

The next winners of our Galactic REVOLUTIONARY Giveaway will be announced later today! Maybe in time for coffee break at work? :D

Have a great week everybody, whereever you are! 



  1. I tend to read your blog weekdays at lunchtime or just after 5 before I go home :-)

  2. Yeah! You´re right, I´m sitting at work, drinking coffee,
    checking emails, doing crazy stuff, people do at work.

    I´m reading the blog, when I get a info an facebook,
    I see, something is new, I have to read!
    The best thing you can do with facebook :D

    And no...I will NOT win the codex,
    I want only write a stupid commentar during myy time at work! :)

  3. Hmm... I think I usually check the blog around noon (or as I have the time to) on weekdays... and... at a random time during weekends

  4. Its my lunch break so I usually checkout the blogs during that time...or evenings when I get bored. :p

  5. I work from home, so when ever something new is posted ;)

  6. I try to keep up to speed as soon as things get posted. I check my phone regularly and my g-reader app tells me when fun things happen.
    Alas I spend quite some weekends abroad(we live close to the Belgian/Dutch border and have friends on both sides), so during the weekends there are moments that expensive data roaming prevents me from catching up...and then, monday morning is a great catch-up period :-D

  7. First thing when I wake up! If there is nothing new, I'll check back every couple of hours. I have to admit I sometimes will pass through on my way to other blogs since you have such an extensive blog list... :)

  8. I have a long train trip to & from work.. your blog helps me to while away the hours

  9. In the future, I will definitely read this blog eveytime I listen to Shatner!

  10. You wanna know when?? When I'm waiting for some CVS repository update at work, nothing better to do than check out what Mr. President has to say! :)

  11. Between classes mostly. Almost never on the weekend, but between classes, and avoiding homework are great times to do internety things.

  12. I am reading this Blog whenever there are news. At home, at work or mobile via Pulse News. :)

  13. At work in the morning. It is the first thing I normally do when I get to work. Open Google reader and read all the updates to blogs

  14. In between meetings while waiting for my client/manager/employee to show up for whatever topic/discussion/crapfest that is happening at the moment that I am being asked to participate in :)

    1. Seeing the link back to this in your latest post.. and still saying that it is the same. As of now, it is to kill time until my meeting with my manager, and then probably again afterwards while waiting for my flight back home tonight. ugh.. would love to have something new to read during those travel times.. hint hint ;)

  15. I usually have my blog open when I'm at work.
    Nothing beats filling up the breaks with a little bit of miniatures.

  16. I read it when ever you have posted something new being selfemployed has its advantages but id say morning dinner time and then 3 in the morning

  17. Hmm... i think when some calculations started and then i want to check news from the miniature word:P

  18. I typically read it when I check my google reader feed. Sometimes that's minutes after it's posted other times a day or two go by.

    I try to check it twice a day so it doesn't get overwhelming to catch up on it.

  19. I usually read your blog while eating my breakfast, which is when I go through my Google Reader feeds.

  20. I ususally read this blog shortly before sleep and shortly after weaking up (3 am... around 9 am...)... :)... And Enjoying it! :D

  21. I read this blog usually at the morning, in the office, while I'm drinking my morning tea. Sometimes it's good to be first person at work ;)

  22. Admit to reading your blog at work? How about I say, I subscribe to your news feed, and read the posts as they get published. Now using Feedly (since my go to Google Reader is canceled) to keep up to date.

  23. I check periodically through the day to see if anything new pops up--every day :).

  24. I usually read at work... Customers calling in while im reading sometimes accidentally get answered in english lol

  25. Most times i check your blog on the weekend if their is anything new or when somebody shares an interesting post during the week


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