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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Games Day Rumors - Part II: Letter to GW

Hey guys and gals, 

Yesterday's post about Rumors of cancelled or possibly relocated Games Days in 2013 has received an unexpected big feedback. It was one of the most read articles ever to be posted on Thanks to all of you who commented (and thus entered a chance to win a limited Dark Angels Codex). 
At this point it seems more than certain that not only the France Games Day but also the Spanish Games Day have been cancelled. 
Of course, we got no official word on this, these are still rumors. 
So what do I like to do if I want to know something? I ask ;) 
So I wrote Games Workshop UK a short email today, asking for clarification of the 2013 Games Day Schedule. I am pretty sure that we will receive an answer - after all it is about us scheduling our trips to these events this year. 
This is the email I wrote: 
Dear Sirs,
Recently, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding international Games Day / Golden Demons events. 
Rumor has it that the Games Day Spain and France have been cancelled. The status of Germany and Italy are currently said to be uncertain.
We also 'heard' that the US, UK, Japan and Australia Games Days are still scheduled to be held in 2013. 
We were wondering if you could confirm the 2013 Games Day event schedule with dates and locations, as many of our blog's readers would like to visit one or more events this year. Our blog at has around 40,000 visitors a month and we would appreciate a reply. 
Thank you in advance for your much anticipated response. 
Best regards and happy painting, 
Michael Bartels"
I hope that my British email etiquette is sufficient :D

I will keep you posted, as soon as I get a reply. 


  1. I'm waiting impatiently for that answer my friend...

    1. You'll be waiting a long while, GW never release info this way, I've sent them a few emails myself and they simply don't care.

      They want to hold all the info until the last minute so that everyone runs out and buys the new and shiny stuff.

      I don't know why they even take emails when they won't even answer rules questions unless they have already been FAQ'd.

  2. Good for you for asking. It never hurts. I don't want to see GW keep going down this dark path. They are the ones who brought me into this hobby and the whole state of affairs makes me more sad than anything else.

    1. Yeah, I know. I consider myself Fanboy #1 for both GW and FW ;) My stock-on-Hand is somewhat larger than the average GW store :D

  3. That is actually an interesting question. I am actually quite curious to see what they reply. Hope it is not the end of games day or at least the golden daemon competition

  4. I wish we could have a real (bad or good)answer and not a politically correct one like following "Thank you very much for your interest, we will answer you as soon as possible... but you can also drop an eye on our fantastic website with our latest new products blablabla"...

    wait and see ^^

  5. Nicely done Zaphod - and your English is perfectly fine there :)

    I am looking forward to hearing some kind of response

  6. Great job on 40k visitors a month... warhammer 40k visitors every month ;) j/k really congratz!

  7. At the bemalform we got the news, that maybe only 2013 is caancelled due to changes in the rules and still not finished.

    1. I find that hard to believe... Its not like the rules were consistent the last 10 years - so why the 'need' to cancel it due to rules...

      And seriously, how hard is it to come up with consistant rules?

  8. I often ask for the UK date early January and they are normally quite obliging. This year I received my email back stating no info at the moment. Read into it what you will I guess but this is the first year I've drawn a blank with them.

    1. Interesting... Well, we will see if we get a reply this time ;)

  9. Nice work Zaphod - I'll be interested to see what reply (if any you get). I'd be really sad if they cancelled the French GD - we were finally going to get around to going to it this year!

    I'd be devastated if we lost Germany though - it's my favourite event of the year...

  10. Games Day US will be in Memphis Tn this year!!! Clearly they're not cancelling the US one!


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