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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nerdcamp 1337 - AMV modelling

Good morning my most excellent painters!

What a week! For the last 8 days I had between 1 and 6 people at my place with some serious hard-core nerdcamping going on. It was a lot of fun, but for a man of biblical age and beard like myself very exhausting :D

No flu, no cold, no late pizza delivery could stop us! Well, I myself have not painted anything as I was busy working on our final touch-ups on the Paintingbuddha Season 1 DVD. And it was well worth it. 

Like the incredible Hulk, my friend Martin "Farbfanatiker" turned into the incredible brush-berserker. Wielding every how-to-paint-AFVs book and video ever created (they are all part of my extensive library), he manged to not only paint one, but two tanks in the course of this week. 

Martin and I have decided that 2013 will be the year we turn into vehicle-painting-pros. I always loved the realism found on historic tanks and already dabbled in applying some of these techniques in the past. Over the years I have collected dozens of magazines, books and DVDs. As always, I almost nearly painted one complete tank :D

Among the best books out there are Mig Jimenez' F.A.Q. books. The first edition is very hard to come by as it was sold out very quickly. The second edition is still available in stores. 

The main difference is that the first F.A.Q. is not specific to any particular brand when it comes to paints and such, F.A.Q. 2 is basically an advertizing book for AK International products. 

Now there is nothing wrong with this, as all of the AK products are explicitely tailored to make vehicle painting and weathering as easy as humanly possible. Whether you need to buy a bottle of 'AK filter' or mix it yourself with oil and thinner is up to you, of course. They do have some nifty little helpers - and Martin has ordered some of them for his next projects. Subscribe to his blog to read more about it ;) *hint hint*

Are you interested in painting models and weathering at all? Would you be interested in a comprehensive review of some / all of the materials I own? 

If so, leave a comment below ;) 

And here Martin's video of the two tanks he finished last week. All kinds of techniques were tested here, both are with acrylics and oils. Video shot by yours truly ;) 


  1. Sehr sehr schönes Ergebnis. Ich hab auch viele AK Produkte zu hause und kann die nur empfehlen. Mein letztes Fahrzeugduell hab ich mit jeder Menge von dem Zeug bearbeitet.

  2. Same as you really I was plan to paint and whether a tank but somehow always miss the time so it becomes only with the main colours down and a first step of weathering. Guess I will have to almost finish a tank in the future as well

  3. I really want to learn weathering. I can do a bit of paint chips, but I don't have any powders, and I've never got them because I'm a bit nervous about using varnish to seal it. The only way I've seen it done without those frosting horror stories is with an airbrush (which I don't have). I think I'll stick to sponge weathering until I can get a better work area that can fit an airbrush. Those models are looking really great by the way!

  4. The masterclasses books from Forge World are very good.

    I'm doing weathering since 3 years now and I love it ! :)
    When I paint a vehicle I can't leave it clean as if it was just form the factory, I need to add scratches, paint chips, dust, rust, etc.
    You can find my works here :

    I own some AK products, they're very easy to use (but of course, if you prefer, you can have the same results with oils).
    AK makes also the weathering magazine which is very good too, each issue is about a specific weathering theme and covers several techniques (of course with AK products) :
    - rust for issue 1
    - dust for issue 2
    - and chipping for issue #3

    1. Yes, the masterclass FW book - especially the first - is really good. The second one... is ok.

      I also have a subscription to the Weathering Magazine from AK. Maybe I will do a review soon - they really rock ;)


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