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Friday, March 8, 2013

Laughing = Awake = Motivation


I have done something that I have not done in like 20 years. 

Yesterday, after a combined 4 hours of sleep in two days I went to bed BEFORE 10pm... This is an outrage!

And as I got up this morning, I did not feel particularly awake nor motivated to do anything but hop straight back into bed. 

And then a friend added me on FB and posted this. 

It made me laugh. That woke me up. And now I am motivated :D

Have a great day everybody - wherever you are, whatever you do!

I sent this message to my dislexic friend - he didn't get it: A dislexic guy walks into a bra. :D

Now, everyone, leave a joke in the comments. Just for shits and giggles ^^


  1. There are two flies sitting on a pile of poo.
    One fly farts.
    The other fly looks at him and says, “Hey do ya mind? I’m eating here!”

  2. Two penisses in the bathtub. The doorbell rings. One of the penisses says to the other one "you go cause you're already standing."

  3. Did you hear about the trendy drink they are serving in New York? It's called The Hurricane Sandy. It's just a watered down Manhattan. o.0

  4. Hey Zaphod, where is our email about the giveaways? The giveaways were originally supposed to end Jan 7th, 2 months of delays. I'm trying to be patient but my cynical nature makes it hard. ><

    1. Hey :)

      All prizes will be sent out end of next week ;) I am still missing a lot of winner emails, but as you said - it's been too long ^^

      I like cynical nature by the way :D

  5. What's brown and sits on a piano stool?

    Beethoven's last movement!

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