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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Painting Competitions

Good morning, my spring-inspired, defrosting friends!

The winter comes to an end - I declared the season open by celebrating my first 'topless' cruise in my convertible :D Just a quick trip to a local hobby store, but hey - I soaked in all the sunlight I could get ;) 

During the winter time many of us have painted miniatures. They are all finished, you are more-or-less happy about it... Now what? 

Why not enter them in one of the many ongoing online miniature painting competitions? 

I will start the list with two that I can remember from the top of my old head. Early in the morning. With only 2 hours of sleep. Oh - and no coffee yet :D

If you know about more online comps, let me know in the comments - I will add them to the list! 

1. Golden Vinci 2013

Win some awesome trophies with this awesome online contest.
Due date: April 14th
(english rules, german rules)

2. Smart Max's Winter Painting Contest

Win Smart Max minis of your choice!
Due date: March 20th
(FB Event / Rules)

3. WAMP's Wyrd Painting Contest

Deadline: March 24th
(Wamp forum thread)

4. Studio McVey painting competition
Due Date: April 23rd (April 30th for Wamp supporters)
(Wamp thread)

And remember, if you want want to win something just by clicking your mouse, subscribe to this blog (50+ giveaways in the last, uhm.... 8 months? woops!) OR hop over to Wamp's PORTAL Facebook Page, Like them and win a free Army Painter set! We got them 24 new likes. This clearly is a mistake and was meant to be 42 likes! So head over there! 

And if you don't know which real-life event you want to attend with all the Games Days cancelled - or if you prefer CASH prizes over trophies - STAY TUNED. 

Spring Angel 2013 - Moscow. June. AWESOMENESS. 
Read all about it on - soon(tm).

Oh. And yes - we will be going - and reporting from this event, too!

Subscribe to this blog or our Facebook Page and you won't miss this event ;)


  1. Link to Smart Max's Winter Painting Contest is the same like Golden Vinci 2013 (english) ...

  2. ^ This. Both links are pointing to the same place. Good to hear you are supporting and taking part in more painting competitions. Now I just need to actually learn how to paint :p

  3. there's a Wyrd comp @ wamp;

  4. Weather Report says Winter will come back this weekend. So hope you really enjoyed the sun and plus degrees...

    1. Nope, I declared spring. Can't take it back now.

  5. hehe

    Me too has a Competition running

    Which Army i paint next. the Best will win...i have Empire Ostland, Empire Middenheim, Empire Marienburg, CSM Iron Warriors, Space Wolves, Chaosdeamons...and all have Deadline End of June and all between 2000 and 3000 Points^^

    So THATS what i call a Competition :P:P

  6. @Präsi
    The Golden Vinic runs until 14th April. Thanks for sharing Michael.

    1. Thanks Vlado! Don't know where I got the 20 from. Maybe I added VAT. :D

  7. Phlegyas Art contest...

  8. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying both your watercolour and drawing courses. I tend to dip in and do a bit here and there in my spare time maybe not the best way a student should work but it seems to work for me. Thank you- Ealy Mays


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