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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ReWAMPed - Portal 30 available

Greetings, my most excellent enthusiasts! 

Brett Johnson, founder of WAMP and the freely downloadable online magazine 'Portal' has just informed me about the successful relaunch of the Portal magazine. The fully loaded Issue #30 is available! And of course, all previous issues are available for download as well. Did I mention FREE? :D

Issue 30 comes with tons of hoopy articles: 

- Guide To Contrast Tutorial
- Kabuki,Reaper and Studio 38 Reviews
- The Wamp Awards 2012 Results
- Army Painter give-away
- Studio McVey Contest Details
- Red Box Games winners
- News,new releases,and gallery
- Mini Radar and Socialise
- Romance inspired minis
- Random Musings
- Interview with Alex Huntley (Warploque)

But the good news does not stop here. If you hop over to the Portal FB Page, you can enter to win an Army Painter MEGA PAINT SET. Colors, Brushes, shiny box... They got it all! 

Right now the portal FB page has 420 likes. 420! That's like 10x42! This is NO coincidence! Who do you think was 'liker' number 420? You guessed it right ;) BAZINGA! Presman style.

So, hop over there, like, Share & Enjoy! 

Portal will be released on a monthly basis and issue #31 will be available on April 16th. 

Oh, and while you are feeling all happy about liking and sharing stuff... Why not hop over to our own FB Page and like it too! Makes you all warm and fuzzy and tingly inside :D


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