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Thursday, October 4, 2012

UK Slayer Sword for sale!

You always wanted an UK slayer sword but don't have the time to practice your painting skills?

Now you can own one with one skill - and one skill only: Bidding more than all the others!

Karol Rudyk is selling his on ebay right now.

Opening bid: 600$

Here is the auction - good luck if you are hunting!

Would you ever sell your Slayer Sword if you had won one? For how much?
Leave your comments below!

Ihr wolltet schon immer ein UK slayer sword besitzen, habt aber nicht die Zeit an euren Mal-Skills zu arbeiten?

Dann braucht ihr jetzt nur noch einen Skill: Nämlich den, mehr zu bieten als alle anderen!

Karol Rudyk verkauft sein UK Slayer Sword on Ebay right now. Eröffnungsgebot: 600$...

Hier ist die Auktion - viel Glück, wenn ihr es haben wollt!

Würdet ihr jemals euer Slayer Sword verkaufen wenn ihr eins hättet? Für wie viel?


  1. I could never sell my Slayer Sword. Unless I bought it and sold it for double :D

  2. Definetly not. It is just too cool. ;)

  3. I can't sell one of my swords... need them for the zombie apcalypse ;)

    1. LOL! Chainswords dude! And crossbows!

    2. Fuel, arrows, bolts and bullets run out, a sword will last.

  4. That seems kinda tacky to me...but I would probably sell it if I won. Good thing I don't have to worry about it.

  5. I think I would sell it. After one or two years or whatever. Coated with dust. But only because of this price. 600$, maybe more? This is amazing!

  6. I think he would have been better off trying to sell Sword AND Diorama for like 1.5-2.5k. I hear that Karol is willing to part with the Dio for a good price.

  7. Karol told me he sold the dio for 3000€ to a collector in US. Good for him :)


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