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Monday, October 1, 2012

Painter's Horoscope - October 2012

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 Aries / Widder

Be happy, you've got reason to celebrate! Saturn will finally leave Arie's house of couples, lifting a three-year fog. 

Things that you felt you could never do will be easy now. You finally understand AND can execute painting techniques. 

Your color is grey. 

You should practice NMM a lot!
 Taurus / Stier

Venus, Venus... always Venus. 

Your lovelife gets in the way of your painting routine. 
But hey, all the other nerds are jealous because you get to score a lot. So, what gives? ;) 

Your color stays red. 

Don't forget protection!
 Gemini / Zwillinge

You should make sure that your posture is healthy. Extended painting sessions can take their toll on your back. Maybe raising your table to straighten back and neck would be beneficial...

Your color is green. You should definitely paint something organic. 

 Cancer / Krebs

A rather hectic month with loads of stress. You keep putting off that one paintjob and should really finish it... 

October will give you the strength to work really hard and help you finish all your projects, tying up a lot of lose ends. 

Your color is purple and gold.
Maybe some Emperor's Children?
 Leo / Löwe

You are full of emotions. October will be intense, sensual, romantic. The opposition Mars will set against Jupiter - this could lead to rushed decisions, extravagant projects and risky painting techniques. You could end up a bit choleric, ruining an almost finished project. 

Stay calm, drink some tea, relax. 

Your color is purple.
 Virgo / Jungfrau

Your potential for seduction is high but you also have the capacity to give. 

Trading  miniatures will work out extremely well for you. You find something you sought for a long time by giving something in return. 

Do not spend money on minis this month, rather trade some. 

Your color is a leathery light brown.
 Libra / Waage

You have some crazy miniature project ideas. Follow your instincts! A small diorama or duel will turn out excellently!

Gather material for base design outside. 

Your colors are burning red, yellow and brown - the colors of Autumn.

 Scorpio / Skorpion

You are overflowing with creativity and are full of ideas. Follow them! Act upon your instincts! But make sure you take notes or you will forget...

Anything project you start in October will yield double the fun and pay back.

Your colors are glossy red and gold. 
 Sagittarius / Schütze

With Mars in your sign, starting October 7th, you'll be ready for some big projects. Reeeal big ones! How about starting a nicely converted unit of 5 to 10 miniatures on an awesome show base? 

This is the month to do it!

Your colors are pale green and pink.
 Capricorn / Steinbock

Your significant other demands time with him- or herself. You feel quite peaceful and at balance and focus on your partner more than on your projects. 

That's perfectly fine! Stepping back, taking a deep breath and refocus on upcoming projects will feel good. 

Your color is blue.
 Aquarius / Wasserman

October 2012 will bring you a challange that you will have to deal with for quite a while. It will be a test of your perseverance, patience and serenity, of learning how to tackle a project slowly, surely and solidly. 

Beware the moldlines!

Your color is a warm, dirty white. 
 Pisces / Fische

Moodswings will dictate your mini projects. Some days you can work for hours without end, some others you can't even motivate yourself to look at your brushes... 

Seek sunlight in the outdoors. Read a good book. Then paint again. 

Your color is a desaturated orange.


  1. Very cool, and some good motivation to certain groups ( Sagittarius in particular! ).

  2. Replies
    1. In letzter Zeit bin ich echt zum Rechtschreibnoob geworden. Heißt glaube ich "wahr" :)

      Und ne, es ist nicht wahr. Meins passt nicht.

  3. sunlight, gaaah! and wtf desaturated orange, you have to be shitting me! :D


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