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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HussAAARGHHHH!!! Giveaway Reminder!


Don't forget that until this Sunday you have a chance to win one of 40 limited Hussar 2012Goblin-Hussars on this Blog. 

You have to solve a quick little detective task. The hints are in this article about the Hussar: Hussar 2012 Report

It has something to do with the winner of that event! So far there are VERY few people taking part, so chances are good!

Good luck!

Nicht vergessen - bis Sonntag habt ihr noch die Chance einen von 40 limitierten Hussar 2012 Goblin-Hussars zu gewinnen. 

Ihr müsst nur etwas Detektivarbeit leisten: Die Hinweise zu diesem Fall liegen im Hussar 2012 Bericht

Die Lösung des Falls hat was mit dem Gewinner des Events zu tun! Bislang nehmen SEHR wenig Leute teil, die Chancen sind also noch gut!

Viel Glück!


  1. Hola
    Como Mola,que pasote de garapato
    un saludo

    1. Asi es como se hace chaval!
      (hihi, my friend Mati helped me with that answer :P)

  2. Ahh !!!

    I know the answer but I don't have facebook (and I d'ont want to use it -.-) can I give you the answer by mail (the minature of hussargh is so cute ^^) please ?

  3. Ivan Victorovich Melnikov was his name...^-^... I want a Hussaaaargh...:D...


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