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Friday, October 12, 2012

I won the peace Nobel Prize. Maybe you, too!

This goes out to all fellow Europeans! 

Congratulations! You (and me and everybody) in the European Union have won the Nobel Prize. I wonder how they divide up the 1 million Euro prize money between all of us - maybe on our next tax return... :D Partytime!

Yay US! (US as in we, not as in the USA, as the US does not belong to Yurp!) ;)


Since we are all polyglott in Germany, there is no translation of this groundshaking news :P


  1. deep inside I always knew I deserve a nobel prize...

  2. My first Nobel prize of many to come. One day, I'll have a shelf full of the bloody things.

  3. Well seeing as I heard that we all have to congratulate ourselves, will we all get prizes as well?


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