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Monday, October 29, 2012

Games Day 2012 - France Link Collection

Wegen Zeitmangel nur auf Englisch, sorry!
Aber das Meiste sind Bilder, da  ist das nicht so schlimm, hoffentlich ;) 

Hello everybody! 

I said I would go to France to report from the Games Day. I even bought a plane ticket. And I did not go. Why? I would have looooooooved to go and meet all the guys at Games Day - I heard it was one of the most memorable pre-GD-parties ever. Unfortunately, preparations for our "painting Revolution" on November 14th were just more pressing - we are on a very tight schedule to bring you something that you will have a heard time believing when it hits you :) So stay excited and follow this blog! Tell your friends, too - it is going to be worth it, believe me!

But I digress...

(c) Jean-Francois Hardy, posted on Facebook via mobile
Here one of the first pictures of the winner at GD. On the projector you see the Sword Winner: The winning entry is a "Demigreif" by Bruno Lavallée. Congratulations, Bruno!

Although we were busy with our preparations I checked every available source on the Web for news. Thanks to GeOrc for his Mobile/Facebook messages that kept us connected to the event!

I want to say a "Big Hello!" to everyone who went to France to visit and compete in the Golden Demon there. I will hopefully see you somewhere else this year - maybe Mont San Salvino? ;)

As I did not go this time, the least I can do is create another Link Collection like you have seen from the many other event coverages. So here are the links I found so far: 

Big thanks to Matt

Matt Cexwish has posted the winners and the first three links in a post on our german forum "Das Bemalforum". I took the first four links and winner information from his OP ;) Cheers, Matt! Also, thanks to the soulless birthday ginger Bloodmaster who gave me links 5 and 6 ;)

Link Collection

- Facebook Foto Album (by Gael Pagaille (FB))
Facebook Foto Album (by Christian Hardy (FB))
- Facebook Foto Album (by La Bistoufly Team (FB))
*new* official GW Coverage (Games Workshop)

Please note, that I will update this list frequently. So you may want to come back at a later date to check the fotos out!

Evil self-promotional part

November 14th. The Painting Revolution starts. Will you be there?
Follow this blog now and be among the first to join the revolution!
So much for that ;) Don't tell me later, I did not tell you :D

Winner List

If you know or are one of the winners below: Do you know their CMON Nick? I would add their albums to the names, like you see in some examples below. Please leave the info in the comments! Thank you!

G - David Waeselynck (david waeselnyck)
S - Gauthier Giroud (Graphigaut
B - ? 

Single 40K 
G - William Hemery 
S - Mathieu Pacaud (Meuthieu) 
B - Guillaume Lemas 

Unit 40K 
G - Jonathan Gonthier (Khaine974) 
S - David Gallo (Dave) 
B - Michel Adinarayanin (Jerico

40K Vehicle/Monster 
G - Mathieu Pacaud (Meuthieu) 
S - Michel Adinarayanin (Jerico
B - Christophe Bauer 

Monster 40K 
G - Maxime Ducros? 
S - Fabrice Tran (Caiman
B - Vincent Clement 

Single WHFB 
G - Stefan Kochowski (illusionsrip)
S - Jonathan Gonthier (Khaine974)? 
B - Adrien Leloup (Wolf) 

Unit WHFB 
G - Roque Christophe and Team Hobbyshop 
S - David Small? 
B - David Allanic 

G - Bruno Lavallée 
S - Jérome Otremba 
B - Jean-Marc Brisset 

G - Alexis L'Huillier 
S - Julien Casses (julian.casses)
B - Gael Trouble? 

G - Vincent Bourrier (Angelord
S - Stefan Kochowski (illusionsrip)
B - Mynett Conrad (UK) 

Lord of the Rings 
G - Mathieu Pacaud (Meuthieu) 
S - Bruno Lavallée 
B - Anna `Ija` Shestakova (Russia, CMON)


  1. 3d place in LOTR - Anna `Ija` Shestakova from Russia -

    1. Thank you! I will add this info :)

      @Everyone else who has picture links or additional information - or even visited and wants to write a small report, let me know here in the comments! Community Power!

  2. Update: Added two more links. Thanks Luke Daywalker!

  3. Hi Pagaille is just my nickname and I think you tryed to translate in trouble lol. My real name is Gaël Pedro if you want my correct name. :)

  4. sorry I forget but if you want to correct I'm bronze in duel and I'm french. :p


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