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Monday, October 15, 2012

Fights broke out at GD Italy 2012?

Dear community, 

I think I should have gone to the Italy Games Day 2012! I heard it was quite a "lively" show. Apparently there was some arguing about the judges rulings and people resorted to fighting amongst each other. 

The standard at Italian Games Days is always incredibly high. The slayer sword, btw. went to this great paintjob: 

Fighting amongst painters and GW staff

Allegedly, 2 or 3 painters argued with a GW staff member about the judges ruling and resorted to more "physical" arguments. A squabble like in Victoria Lamb's famouse "The Squabble". Those firey Italians! They are PASSIONATE painters! :D Respect!

In the meantime, there are some pictures and early reports here: 

Volomir's Pics
Sergeant Blackart
*new* Zerloon's Link

GD Thread im Italienischen Forum by LegioPictorum

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  1. I wish TO add:

    1. Thank you Zerloon! I will add your link immediately!
      If anyone else of you has pictures to this or other events, send me a link in the comments!

  2. These fights wouldn't happen if people read the damn rules properly!!! its not rocket science!!!


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