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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recommended Blogs

Hey y'all! 

Sitting at home and thinking what I will miss this weekend at the DUZI and the SMC brings me down. :( Lieing in bed one of the things I am doing (apart from writing) is reading all kinds of blogs. If you check google friend connect on my profile page you can see that I have quite an extensive list of blogs that I regularly read.

So I thought, why not share some of my favorite blogs with you guys. If you like this kind of  cross-promoting your blog with mine to grow the painting community please contact me! 

Today, I would like to recommend two blogs of some good friends from Poland to you. 

Coloured Dust

The first blog that I would like to recommend to you is called "Colored Dust" by ARBAL (aka Michal). 

Arbal's blog is also very young, founded in 2012. But he already has a lot of really good tipps & tricks as well as some fantastic step-by-step tutorials on his page. In addition, he provides some tipps for bloggers in general as well. 

I really like the overall quality of his posts - and I am sure you will like them to. 

Similar to me writing both English and German, Arbal writes English and Polish. His articles are very easy to understand, no problems there. 

You can find the link to his blog here. Please check him out and subscribe to his awesome blog! You may also want to check out his work on Coolminiornot .

Camelson Art

The next blogger is another friend of mine: Camelson. Many of you will know him from Coolminiornot where he showcases his awesome painting skills time and time again. 

I REALLY love his style. He paints with a creamy smoothness and vivid colors that not many painters can achieve. His base design is terrific to say the least. 

On top of that, Camelson is a really terrific guy - a lot of fun :) 

Definitely check out his blog - it will be worth your while. Camelson also writes in english and polish. 

Both Camelson and Arbal are available for some very affordable commission work, too. Think about it!
Remember: You can help out your favorite bloggers by subscribing to them. To try it out, you could subscribe to me, for example! You will feel good about yourself instantaneously! ;)

Da die beiden vorgestellten Blogs auf Englisch schreiben, gibt es dieses mal keine Deutsche Übersetzung. ;)


  1. Thank you for that! :D I'm really happy to see my blog on! :D

    Thanks you buddy! :)


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