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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reviews and videos of two happy Bruddhas :D

More Happy Bruddhas around the globe! 

Hey guys and gals!

We just received two emails from our new 'Bruddhas' Rob and Kieran.

Rob's email is actually a little older, as our fancy inbox sorting algorithm put his email into the wrong folder... SOMEONE must have set it up incorrectly... yeah... it was me :/ So, all your feedback mails went to some forgotten folder in some forgotten substructure... I'll reply to them soon™.

Kieran's mail is as fresh as freshly fallen snow, though ;)

I would like to share both with you:

Rob's unboxing video

The whole team had a lot of fun watching this video, as it was the first 'first impressions unboxing' we have seen of our Supporter Box. Actually it was quite exciting for us and we were glad that our careful packaging protected everything perfectly and nothing was broken :D

Lucky Kieran

Kieran wrote a very nice review / unboxing on his blog. He also found the legendary Bronze Ticket in his box and will receive a free Budget Box of Season 2.1 as soon as it becomes available next year.

So with Gold and Bronze gone, we wonder who will receive the Silver Ticket (a free Supporter Box for Season 2; Gold was a full private weekend workshop for two, btw!).

Very value. Much beautiful! Such fair!

If you have not seen it yet, check out this video which explains in detail, what went into the box, shows you how each T-Shirt is hand-printed and finally reveals how much it actually costs to make the box! 100% Transparency incoming - as promised! :D

See for yourself why we think that supporting us is not the worst idea in the world. 

Door #11 - Season 1.3 is coming to town!

Door #11 coming up tonight! Teaser: If you think Season 1.2 is the only release we will be revealing this weekend, think again! Season 1.3 is coming! 

And make sure to SHARE & ENJOY our Facebook posts with your nerdy friends for a daily chance to win great prizes!



  1. Wenn die Antwort 42 ist,muss die Frage lauten "Wieviel ist sechs mal neun?"

    Oh man,you make my crazy...

  2. :) aint you falling behind with the calender? its already the 13th, and only 10 open doors. i actually thought the 13th door are supposed to be open today, but i might be wrong... hähähä ;)

    1. Time is an illusion. We are still way on track. In my Universe :D
      Good thing we only have 21 doors, not 24 - that would cause problems ;)

  3. shared & enjoyed.

    There is a video with a small preview of the contents of the DVD of season 1.1?

    1. Our friend in Japan, Ichibanpainting made a nice review including videos:


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